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If thought of on a gen­eral note, any kind of smart tech­nol­ogy en­sures a safer sys­tem than the usual tech­nol­ogy which we were ac­cus­tomed to us­ing a few years back. For ex­am­ple, mo­bile phones ear­lier had just a lock but­ton which could be opened by all. Then came the smart­phone with the pin-based pass­word. Even in this, one could un­lock it if he knew the cor­rect pin. Smart tech­nol­ogy en­abled tak­ing the safety level of one’s gad­get a notch higher. This was made pos­si­ble by in­tro­duc­ing the finger­print or face ID sen­sor. Such a safety mea­sure is any day more ef­fi­cient than the pre­vi­ous ones we had. Just like smart tech­nol­ogy can en­sure bet­ter safety of our de­vices even in terms of pri­vacy, it has helped in mak­ing our homes safer as well. You can sur­vive with­out your smart­phone or a lap­top, but not with­out a shel­ter cov­er­ing your head.

As smart de­vices of­fered con­ve­nience, we hu­mans got used to them. Af­ter get­ting over the at­trac­tive­ness of this tech­nol­ogy, we be­gan real­iz­ing how use­ful they are as well.

Smart tech­nol­ogy tak­ing its ref­er­ence from ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence is not only mak­ing our homes smarter, but also safer. In terms of se­cu­rity, smart cam­eras are the most use­ful among the lot of other such de­vices. This is be­cause they are al­most as good as om­nipresent. This means that these cam­eras can keep an eye on your home for you when you can’t. The dif­fer­ence be­tween

the usual CCTVS and smart cam­eras is that smart cam­eras not only record the footage but also no­tify you about the same on a con­stant ba­sis. There have been cases wherein the CCTV recorded a cer­tain event but its clar­ity was so poor that it was use­less as le­gal ev­i­dence. Whereas the smart cam­eras have 1080p clar­ity which ac­tu­ally serves the pur­pose of keep­ing tracks of an in­ci­dent and that too in proper de­tail. CCTVS could store this footage for a def­i­nite num­ber of days. Smart cam­eras au­to­mat­i­cally up­load the data in your cloud which will stay there for an in­def­i­nite pe­riod and you can also have ac­cess to it from wher­ever you are. It also comes with com­pat­i­ble apps that sync the smart cam­era to your smart­phone. Prac­ti­cally speak­ing, it is im­pos­si­ble to keep an eye on the footage for hours at an end. This is where ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence proves to be ben­e­fi­cial. This tech­nol­ogy de­tects whether some­thing apart from the usual hap­pens and no­ti­fies the user about the same. There are cam­eras which can de­tect a hu­man fig­ure in cer­tain parts of the house and alerts the owner.

In­struct your house to keep it safe

When we talk about smart speak­ers in our homes, we are gen­er­ally ap­pealed by the fancy fea­tures it of­fers such as fol­low­ing orders to ful­fill­ing your de­mands by sim­ply call­ing out the voice as­sis­tant. But there is much more to a smart speaker than just this. Smart speaker as­sures safety of your homes

when you plug it into your smart home sys­tem. By do­ing so, it acts as a cen­tral hub of the en­tire smart sys­tem with the help of which you can con­trol all your other smart home ap­pli­ances in a con­ve­nient man­ner. This syn­chro­niza­tion is pos­si­ble by hav­ing a spe­cific smart sys­tem for the pur­pose. If you don’t wish to spend money on it, you can also con­nect your voice as­sis­tant to smart de­vices in­di­vid­u­ally. This is the ideal so­lu­tion to au­to­mate your home on an over­all note and also en­sure its safety at the same time.

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