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Family Life Pregnancy Center: Serving community


Profession­al women serve in different capacities, from top corporate executive positions to small, nonprofit occupation­s where they serve in a capacity not often recognized by the corporate world. Nonetheles­s, they possess the same great qualities, character and profession­alism of accomplish­ed executives. The staff and volunteers at Family Life Pregnancy Center are those women.

Our staff of five and approximat­ely 20 volunteers value life inside and outside the womb. The staff work long hours for less money, but have a fiery passion to serve our community. Our volunteers are unpaid, but spend countless hours with a zeal to encourage and give hope to all who enter our doors. Dee Zimmerman, executive director, brings years of experience teaching sexual health in the public school system, with a desire that all know their worth and, thereby, resolve to protect themselves physically, emotionall­y and spirituall­y. Stephanie Gang, client services director, brings extensive expertise in social work, community health, hospice and family support. She recruits, trains and oversees all the volunteers. Faith Green, community outreach director, strategica­lly engages our community by overseeing all fundraisin­g and advertisin­g opportunit­ies. Having owned several successful enterprise­s, Faith brings wide-ranging experience and a coveted quality.

Stefani Parks, administra­tive assistant (and former owner of several local businesses, including Bliss Interiors), is the welcoming voice on the phone and the bright face in the lobby. She makes everyone feel like they are the most important person on the planet! And finally, we have Katie Alix, nurse clinic manager of our ultrasound program. She welcomes the

mommies and daddies to behold and grasp the miracle of life inside

the womb.

Our pregnancy resource center provides free pregnancy related services, including self-administer­ed pregnancy testing, limited ultrasound­s, childbirth classes, and parenting classes that offer a wide range of education from prenatal care to gaining insight on parenting, finances, marriage and family. Services also include recovery programs for infant loss and childhood trauma.

Our new home is a place where a client feels welcomed the moment they walk in the door. The baby boutique, decorated by Stefani Parks, is on another level! Upon entering, clients are captivated by the beauty and all that is available to them. Through sacrifice and compassion, babies are lovingly nurtured, parents are empowered with knowledge and responsibi­lity, and our community benefits in the outcome. To learn more about the center, call 661-823-8255 or visit our website at familylife­pc.org.

 ?? COURTESY OF FAMILY LIFE PREGNANCY ?? Family Life Pregnancy has a staff of five and approximat­ely 20 volunteers.
COURTESY OF FAMILY LIFE PREGNANCY Family Life Pregnancy has a staff of five and approximat­ely 20 volunteers.

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