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Neighbors at the meeting asked questions about the water supply for the project, its environmen­tal review, parking and — of greatest interest — whether eventual residents of the mostly two-story project will have views of their backyards.

“Yes,” Schlosser told one woman whose home he was able to locate on a map near the project. “They will have windows facing your backyard,” he said.

Schlosser added that all the units will have small yard areas, so the dwellings will be set back from property lines.

And, he noted, they are condominiu­m units that will be individual­ly owned — not apartments.

Regarding environmen­tal review and water, Schlosser said that the city has determined that the project is exempt from the California Environmen­tal Quality Act requiremen­ts and that “the city has plenty of water to supply this project.”

He said the project also meets the city’s zoning requiremen­ts for parking and that the widening of Pinon Street that is associated with the project is also expected to improve circulatio­n in the area.

Congestion related to nearby Tompkins Elementary School is a separate matter, Schlosser said, adding that parking issues around older schools are a common problem. is a partner in the joint venture company developing the planned condominiu­m complex.

As described in the staff report when the site plan was approved last year, the project is to build 37 condominiu­m units on 3.06 acres. Building exteriors were designed to reflect the Craftsman style with “a slight modern twist” and a “row-house” concept. Multiple materials and paint colors will be used and a landscapin­g buffer has been designated along the frontage. The color palette will be reviewed and approved by the commission prior to building permit issuance.

The home on the southwest corner of Curry and Pinon streets is not part of the project.

The vacant land to be developed is the larger parcel just to the west of that home on the south side of Pinon and the northwest corner of Pinon and Curry.

The 1.6-acre parcel on the south side will be subdivided into a single-family parcel and a 1.46-acre multifamil­y lot.

The developmen­t proposed for this parcel is 16 2-bedroom units and two 3-bedroom units.

The 1.6-acre parcel on the northwest corner will be developed with 16 2-bedroom units and three 3-bedroom units.

The project includes two-story and single-story buildings. The community will be gated and include 57 on-site parking spaces. Pinon Street will be widened and street parking will also be available.

All units will include a separate laundry area and dining area, in addition to a private patio or deck. About 15,000 square feet of land has been designated for open community spaces including a child play area, picnic area with grilling stations, community garden, dog walking path and bocce court.

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