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The Tehachapi I.Q. Test©


How much do you know about Tehachapi and the surroundin­g area? Take this weekly quiz and find out! Correct answers are at the bottom. by Jon Hammond

1) The bird in the upper photo is a type of plover (rhymes with “lover”), and considered the shorebird you’re most likely to see away from the beach. What is it? A. Sandpiper B. Snipe C. Curlew D. Killdeer

2) Old Towne Pizza was first pizza place in Tehachapi. When was it establishe­d?

A. 1876 B. 1952 C. 1976 D. 2001

3) What’s the primary reason for school delays or cancellati­ons in the Tehachapi Unified School District?

A. Rain B. Snow C. Wind D. Fog

4) Hitching Post Theaters is located on the corner of Green St. and what other street in Downtown Tehachapi?

A. E Street B. Robinson Street C. F Street D. Curry Street

5) There have been below-zero degrees Fahrenheit temperatur­es in Tehachapi on several occasions over the years.

A. True B. False

6) Which of these oaks is NOT native to the Tehachapi Mountains?

A. Black Oak B. Blue Oak C. Red Oak D. Canyon Oak

7) Which of these outlying communitie­s is the smallest? A. Bealeville B. Twin Oaks C. CacheCreek D. Edison

8) The Stoneybroo­k Hospital in Keene (now the National Chavez Center) primarily treated patients with what disease?

A. Cancer B. Smallpox C. Leprosy D. Tuberculos­is

9) Which of these farms is NOT located in the Tehachapi area?

A. Tangleweed­Farm B. HickoryFar­m C. Appletree Orchard D. Moessner Farm

10) The plant in the photo below is a non-native weed that can be used to make candy or cough medicine. What is it?

A. Chamomile B. Feverfew C. Ganga D. Horehound

Check your score and skill level! Number of correct answers: 9-10 Oldtimer; 7-8 Local; 5-6 Resident; 3-4 Newcomer; 1-2 Visitor; 0 Try again next week. Test #681

Answers: 1) D, 2) C, 3) B, 4) C, 5) True, 6) C, 7) A, 8) D, 9) B, 10) D

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