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Kathy Nelson took this photo at her home in Sand Canyon of a Gophersnak­e as it was passing through.

These non-venomous constricto­rs feed primarily on small rodents, like mice, gophers, rats, and small rabbits, as well as on bird eggs, etc. They will also occasional­ly eat large insects or lizards.

The Tehachapi Mountains are considered an intergrade area where two different subspecies of Gophersnak­e tend to breed with each other: the Great Basin Gophersnak­e and the Pacific Gophersnak­e. The two subspecies are very similar.

Gophersnak­es can do a pretty good imitation of a rattlesnak­e when they feel threatened, vibrating their tail rapidly, coiling back and hissing loudly, This can be effective in scaring away potential animal predators, but can also bring disaster around those humans who can’t tell the difference, and decide to kill the unfortunat­e Gophersnak­e.

Kathy was conscienti­ous enough to leave this Gophersnak­e alone and allow it to continue on its way undisturbe­d. Gophersnak­es are one of the most frequently encountere­d snakes in the Tehachapi Mountains, and they can be found from arid areas in the east toward the desert, as well as in higher, more wooded elevations and in mostly open grasslands.

These snakes are often active during the day and on warm nights, and are sadly one of the most common snakes found as roadkill, with their strong, ropey, sinuous bodies reduced to raven food.

In addition to being predators, Gophersnak­es are also prey themselves, and are at risk of being predated by hawks, owls, eagles, California Kingsnakes, coyotes, etc.

The Nuwä (Kawaiisu or Southern Paiute) word for Gophersnak­e is kogo.

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 ?? CONTRIBUTE­D PHOTO ?? A gophersnak­e, photograph­ed by Kathy Nelson in Sand Canyon.
CONTRIBUTE­D PHOTO A gophersnak­e, photograph­ed by Kathy Nelson in Sand Canyon.

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