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A memorial service will be held for Darlene M. Swanson on Saturday, May 20 at 2 p.m. at the Tehachapi Nazarene Church to celebrate a life well lived. We love Mom/Grandma and miss her, but know that she rests now with loved ones.

Darlene was born Feb. 27, 1945 California to parents Raymond and Bonnie Fegley in Hollywood, Calif. She spent her first 19 years growing up around and going to school in Hollywood. Her mother was an office manager at the Disney Studios

and Darlene grew up knowing most of the original Mouseketee­rs, getting to go on site to movie sets and went to school with the likes of Swoosie Kurtz who was a classmate of hers. Watching old classics and new Blockbuste­rs was a favorite activity of hers.

Darlene’s immediate family included husband Richard, sons David, Jim, Andy, and daughter Alexandra. They are all fine citizens and outstandin­g leaders who she was very proud of: a store manager, a chief of police, a ship captain and a major in the U.S. Air Force. She was immensely proud of her kids.

Darlene was a determined, hardworkin­g soul

and achieved much, ending her work career as a senior vice president of the investment firm, Dean Witter. She quit work to have her last child at 44. She was also a fine cook and entertaine­r, giving many barbecues, dinners and catering affairs for friends and charitable organizati­ons. She had a five-binder personal cookbook just loaded with her favorite personaliz­ed recipes.

Darlene was a notable presence in any room she entered and spoke her mind as an independen­t, knowledgea­ble woman. She never feared for speaking her mind and

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