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Millions of thanks from the critters

- — John Ortiz, Tehachapi

The volunteer staff at Have A Heart Humane Society really has no words that adequately express the amazement and gratitude we feel for the help, support and hard work that came from you, our community!

We had no idea what we were going to do when we were told that our rented building had sold and we had to vacate after more than seven years. How would we do it? In 30 days? YIKES! But you all came through and helped us pack, load, and move — in up to 30 horse trailers, trucks, vans and station wagons!

Then you all came out of the woodwork to unload, set up the new shop, donate great new stuff and check on us frequently as we navigated all the hoops of setting up a “new business” in a bigger place! We couldn’t possibly name all of you, but you know who you are, and we love you all!

Then, if that weren’t enough, you were at the door on April 1 to shop on our first day open, you kept helping with the animals and fostering when we needed you, and you showed up on May 6 for our grand reopening! You made it the most fun day we have had in a long time! Bless you all!

What a great town Tehachapi is! We bless all our friends, shoppers, donors, volunteers and fosters who keep us going in this great community! We are sure Chelley, our founder, is smiling down. Come join us in our next adventures and here’s to many more years of Have A Heart!

— Ann Carroll, Have a Heart


The Saint Malachy Conference of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul would like to thank the United States Postal Service and the citizens of Tehachapi for their food donations on May 13. Once again, your generosity goes above and beyond. We appreciate your caring as do the neighbors in need that we serve.

— Thomas McMullen, Tehachapi


Seeing Tehachapi reports of economic developmen­t being stymied in national and local affairs, one more example might be wind energy. The little coverage does not mean that nothing is wrong. The invisibili­ty of air and wind adds unusual complexity that takes time to understand.

We have U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratori­es now offering upgrades to existing wind turbines that can increase the average electrical power produced but are being overlooked by our power companies here. In one example, a thousand wind turbines, with the employment required and lasting profits gained, could be upgraded.

Silence seems to be the watchword. For Tehachapi News to take an interest would be not at all a detriment to the technology. Thanks.

— Anthony Chessick, Tehachapi


In response to Susanne Bennett”s letter on April 9, I have to first acknowledg­e my gratitude by thanking her for reading my column, responding in a mature and diplomatic fashion and forgiving my spelling errors.

However, I disagree that we live in a two-party system! Especially here in California where the filthy rich, dishonest and corrupt Democrats run the entire state. California is a one-party tyrannical run state with no hope in ever making it Great Again.

The Republican­s have a slim majority in the House of Representa­tives and even though there are 49 Republican­s in the Senate and 48 Democrats, there are three Independen­t senators who caucus with the Democratic establishm­ent.

The privacy of one’s vote has gone out the window; that is something of the past. With the way social media is and video cameras everywhere it’s no wonder our once great country has gone down the toilet.

Voting has been a joke in this country. It’s not who votes that matter anymore but who does the counting that matters; just look at California.

So no, Suzanne, we don’t live in a two-party system; we live in a oneparty rule all system where the Democrats control the media, almost all the major cities, the federal government and even the military.

The right to privacy is also a joke as left-leaning political organizati­on such as BLM, Woke and even Satanists do not respect anyone’s privacy or anyone’s right to free speech they disagree with.

BLM hate the police and cause havoc wherever they go, the Woke culture has vandalized Catholic churches, pregnancy centers and have harassed many conservati­ve groups in public for peacefully assembling.

There is no respect for law enforcemen­t officers. Yes, I have had my share of run-ins with them, but in retrospect they were doing their job, and finally I will express my dissatisfa­ction toward the Biden regime.

I was once a Biden supporter and felt he was a better choice for the Democrats in 2016, who instead went for Hillary Clinton, but now I’m seeing what a disgrace he has become and how disastrous his presidency has been.

The Afghan withdrawal was a disaster. Shutting down the XL Keystone Pipelines cost thousands of jobs and resulted in higher gas prices. Food costs have gone through the roof. The cost of living has made it impossible for people like me to save but live paycheck by paycheck.

The homeless crisis is out of control and all these people seem concerned about is the right for boys to transition to girls and vice versa.

So no, I am done being quiet and respecting other people’s privacy to vote. It’s time for me to start calling people out.

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