Texarkana Gazette : 2019-02-11

NATION : 20 : 10B


10B NATION TEXARKANA GAZETTE MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 ✯ 4340 Plumbing 4340 Plumbing 4340 Plumbing 4340 Plumbing 4279 Handyman 4289 House Leveling 4202 Air Conditioning 4234 Clock Repair 4346 Roofs &ORFN 5HSDLU %UXFH &RRN ST 3(5(= 522),1* Cecil Penny AirTemp Services Heating & Air Remodel Houses Bathrooms, Kitchen, Painting, Drywall, Flooring, Roof Repair & More. House Leveling 5R5eHpSaDiLrU 6S6eHrUYvYLiLFcHe 2O2YvYHeHUrU Hex[pSeHrULiLHeHQnQFcFHeH 'XFW &OHDQLQJ & ,inQVsVWtWDaDOlOOlODaWtWLiRoQn 20 \y\UrUVsV &C&RoRPmPmPeHrUcFiLaDlO & R5eHsViLdGeHnQtWiDaLOlO ‡ 2YHUODSV ‡ 1HZ 5RRIV ‡ )ODW 5RRIV ‡ *XDUDQWHH ‡5HSDLUV 0HWDO 5RRIV 5HSODFHPHQWV 5HSDLU UHSODFH PRYHPHQWV UHVWRUDWLRQ RQ PRVW PHFKDQLFDO FORFNV *UDQGIDWKHU FORFN VHUYLFH 903-278-4526 S6mPitLhWK RII Free Electrical Check Up Valued at $149 , aa a^ a^ ^ 903-908-2050 -XJuVsWtLiQn Call anytime Call anytime FREE ESTIMATES T7x[ &A$rUkN L/iLcF. ‡ 7HDU 2II 4280 Hauling 4247 Electrical 4211 Auto /RFDOO\ 2ZQHG ,QVXUHG Need us for a small, medium, or large size load? Junk, household items, yard items, garage & storage items? Appliance’s? What ever your hauling needs give us a call and we will haul! Retired Electrician 3HUH] f !| (/(&75,&$/ 25 3/80%,1* 7KH %HVW )RU /HVV 5RRÀQJ &RQFUHWH 6ODEV Concrete Slabs w/steel peersZlifVeWHtiHmO eSHwHaUVrranty, 1 3K Looking for small jobs in the Texarkana area. DOVR SLHU EHDPV also pier & beams 2))(5 *22' 7+528*+ )(%58$5< *OPTUL` 5LLK ( :^LLW& Metal Recycling 903-791-9518 903-748-3077 903-280-3279 4302 Lawn Care Used Auto Parts 903-794-9461 2HDI 6LQHQHHGOH *OLJR [OL SPZ[PUNZ PU [VKH`»Z )\ZPULZZ +PYLJ[VY` `V\ TPNO[ Ä UK [OL OLSW `V\ ULLK +DXO LW DZD\ 4278 Gutters Open Mon-Fri 8am-5:30pm )OHDQ 8S Offer Valid Thru January 31, 2019 Lode Rasberry \DUG ,WHPV KRXVHKROG LWHPV DOO \RXU KDXOLQJ QHHGV DSSOLDQFHV IUHH &DOO .DFH\ +DUULV “If you don’t call us, then we both lose money” -Mr. B. Call 870-775-1035 4380 Tree Trimming Seamless Gutters Seamless‡ Gutters O Installation.s of 5” or 6” seIanmstalelslastigounttseorsf w5t”h x6”4” o3r” sedaomwlnesspogutsteinrsawvtahri3e”tyxo4f” downspoutcsoilnoras variety of co‡lors Problem with leaves in gutters? Ask about leaf guard. ,SLJ[YPM`PUN :LY]PJLZ ’ 4225 Carpentry S [email protected] ~eL3eLaHv]eLsZ e~T;rYeLeLsZ~eT;rYimPTmTinPUgN e~F-lSoVw^eLrYB)eLdK e-YLUJO +YHPUZ e -LUJLZ e /LKNLZ e4\SJO e7PUL :[YH^ 9LTV]HS 4VYL C*u\tt[i[nPUgN Problem with le.aves in gutters? Ask about Rhino gutter guard -$&.ª6 &$53(175< >OL[OLY P[»Z HKKPUN V\[SL[Z VY ^PYPUN H UL^ HKKP[PVU `V\ TPNO[ Q\Z[ ÄUK [OL OLSW `V\ ULLK PU [OPZ )\ZPULZZ +PYLJ[VY` ‡ ~Hedges ~Mulch ~Pine Straw Removal & More . §, '2 -867 $%287 (9(5<7+,1*¨ 75(( 6(59,&( Neeeeddgguuttters clleaned outtoorr repaired? Give us a call.. Commercial / Residential FREE ESTIMATES %8&.(7 758&. 5,**,1* (48,30(17 903-278-6170 903-278-6170 t 'RRUV :LQGRZV 5HPRGHOLQJ &DUSRUWV 1HZ $GGLWLRQV 6KHHWURFN $FRXVWLF &HLOLQJV &RXQWHU 7RSV 'HFNV 3DLQWLQJ ,QWHULRU RU ([WHULRU &HUDPLF 7LOH &RPPHUFLDO 5HVLGHQWLDO ,QVXUHG IRU \RXU VDIHW\ 4288 House/Comm. Cleaning Custom Cut Lawn Service E & D Cleaning 4279 Handyman 4342 Remodeling 4346 Roofs 4346 Roofs 4346 Roofs 903-792-1628 Free Estimates • Offices • Houses • Apartments • 1 Time or Full Time • Free Estimates Call us @ 903-824-0911 or 903-824-4337 Vacant Lots / Yard Cutting/ Trimming Edging / Leaf & Pine Straw Removal / Flower Beds / Bush Hogging & More ROBIN’S CONSTRUCTION & JOHN’S HANDYMAN SERVICE /HUK`THU -V\UK 3H^U 5LLK :VTL *HYL& Lonestar Tree Service 34* TrTeree and trimming servicicee, Trimming, Bush Hogging and Landscaping 29(5 <($56 (;3(5,(1&( Remodeling, Roofs Metal/Framing, Painting, Tile, Tree Trimming, Sheetrock, Texturing, Windows & Doors, Odd Jobs, Leveling, Plumbing, Power Washing, ect. -DFNLH &DXWKRUQ #HECK OUT TODAY S "USINESS $IRECTORY LISTINGS FOR LAWN SERVICE BUSINESSES IN YOUR AREA #HECK IT OUT 3VVR UV M\Y[OLY [OPZ :LY]PJL +PYLJ[VY` TPNO[ Q\Z[ OH]L [OL OHUK`THU `V\»]L ILLU SVVRPUN MVY *OLJR P[ V\[ Commercial & Residential Year Round Lawn Care 9VVÄUN *VUZ[Y\J[PVU 522),1* / / & Bonded & Insured 6KLQJOH 0HWDO 5RRI 7RUFKHG 'RZQ ,QVXUHG Bonded & Insured Call for a fFrreeeeEsstitmimaatete Leon McCauley Ű Ű 34*TL[HSYVVÄUN JVT (903) 280-0802 4289 House Leveling 4232 Child/Adult Care 4340 Plumbing Romulo Rosas SIMS Ark-La-Tex Chimney Sweep COKER TREE SERVICES &DVWDQHGD·V 5RRILQJ 7H[DUNDQDâV 0HWDO 5RRðQJ 6SHFLDOLVW $99.00 HOUSE LEVELING Tear off & Replacements, Overlay, New Roofs, Flat Roofs, Torch Down, Tile Roofs, FREE ESTIMATES Inspection • Cleaning Repair • Reconstruction Granit Wall Fire Box Custom Chimney Caps SLAB/PIER & BEAM DRAIN CLOGGED??? WE GO YOU FLOW Service First Pro 870-775-1035 Call Now For Help • Trimming - Removal • Brush & Lots Cleared • Insured - References • F REE ESTIMATES $σRUGDEOH SD\PHQW RSWLRQV &RPPHUFLDO 5HVLGHQWLDO )XOO\ ,QVXUHG OLFHQVHG 0HWDO 5RRIV ‡ 6KLQJOH 5RRIV 6LGLQJ ‡ :LQGRZV ‡ 'RRUV 0HWDO 5RRIV ‡ 6KLQJOH 5RRIV 6LGLQJ ‡ :LQGRZV ‡ 'RRUV Termite, Dry Rot Damage Repaired, Mold Protection +20( 5(02'(/,1* / / & )ORRULQJ ‡ 3DLQWLQJ 6LGLQJ ‡ .LWFKHQ %DWKURRP ‡ ,QVXUHG Senior Citizen Discount 35 Years In Business 870.774.4451 870.772.0894 Just call Kenny 903-908-5439 2)) &(// 870-653-2736 903-824-4000 ZZZ WRWDOKRPHUHPRGHOLQJWH[DV FRP ZZZ WRWDOKRPHUHPRGHOLQJWH[DV FRP 903-733-5440 ADVANCED LAWN CARE

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