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Today is Thursday, Jan. 28, the 28th day of 2021. There are 337 days left in the year. Today’s Highlight in History:

On Jan. 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, killing all seven crew members, including schoolteac­her Christa McAuliffe.

On this date:

■ In A.D. 814, Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagn­e died in Aachen in present-day Germany.

■ In 1547, England’s King Henry VIII died; he was succeeded by his 9-year-old son, Edward VI.

■ In 1911, the notorious Hope Diamond was sold by jeweler Pierre Cartier to socialites Edward and Evalyn McLean of Washington, D.C., for $180,000.

■ In 1915, the American merchant vessel SS William P. Frye, en route to England with a cargo of wheat, became the first U.S. ship to be sunk during World War I by a German cruiser, the SS Prinz Eitel Friedrich, even though the United States was not at war.

■ In 1916, Louis D. Brandeis was nominated by President Woodrow Wilson to the Supreme Court; Brandeis became the court’s first Jewish member.

■ In 1956, Elvis Presley made his first national TV appearance on “Stage Show,” a CBS program hosted by Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey.

■ In 1973, a cease-fire officially went into effect in the Vietnam War, a day after the signing of the Paris Peace Accords by the United States, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

■ In 1977, actor-comedian Freddie Prinze, 22, co-star of the NBC-TV show “Chico and the Man,” shot and mortally wounded himself at the Beverly Comstock Hotel (he died the following day).

■ In 1980, six U.S. diplomats who had avoided being taken hostage at their embassy in Tehran flew out of Iran with the help of Canadian diplomats.

■ In 1982, Italian anti-terrorism forces rescued U.S. Brig. Gen. James L. Dozier, 42 days after he had been kidnapped by the Red Brigades.

■ In 1985, the charity supergroup USA for Africa recorded the Michael JacksonLio­nel Richie song “We Are the World” at A&M Studios in Los Angeles.

Ten years ago: Chaos engulfed Egypt as protesters seized the streets of Cairo, battling police, burning down the ruling party’s headquarte­rs and defying a military curfew. The nation’s largest cable TV company, Comcast Corp., took control of NBC Universal, capping a 13-month bid.

Five years ago: Dozens of educators who competed alongside Christa McAuliffe to become the first teacher in space gathered to remember the seven astronauts who perished aboard Challenger 30 years earlier. Death claimed Paul Kantner, a founding member of the Jefferson Airplane rock group, and former Providence, Rhode Island, mayor Buddy Cianci; both were 74.

One year ago: The United States and several other nations prepared to airlift citizens out of the Chinese city at the center of a virus outbreak that had killed more than 100 people. With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing beside him at the White House, President Donald Trump unveiled his long-awaited Middle East plan, one that strongly favored Israel; it called for the eventual creation of a Palestinia­n state but would leave sizable chunks of the occupied West Bank in Israeli hands. Palestinia­ns reacted angrily to the plan. Trump’s lawyers finished making their case for a speedy acquittal at his Senate impeachmen­t trial.

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