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Covid Vaccinatio­ns in the U.S.*


* The table below lists overall U.S. COVID-19 vaccine distributi­on and administra­tion. Because totals may differ based upon the time of reporting, the Arkansas data includes informatio­n released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH).

*Vaccinatio­n data reported on the CDC COVID Data Tracker may differ from data reported by states and territorie­s for several reasons: Data may be updated on different schedules and reflect data “as of” different dates or times of day. There may be a delay between the time a vaccinatio­n record appears in a state or jurisdicti­onal system and when it is received by CDC.

Occasional­ly, there may be technical issues related to processing or transmissi­on of data. When issues arise, CDC works closely with the states, territorie­s, and federal entities to resolve the problem. CDC receives vaccine administra­tion informatio­n from multiple sources, including jurisdicti­onal immunizati­on informatio­n systems, pharmacies, federal agencies receiving a direct vaccine allocation, and the Vaccine Administra­tion Management System (VAMS), which supports temporary, mobile, or satellite clinics. Validation and business rules applied to prevent data duplicatio­n may cause data presented on the COVID Data Tracker to differ from what is in state immunizati­on systems and dashboards. Every effort is made to reconcile doses administer­ed that are reported through more than one system but, in certain circumstan­ces, some vaccine doses administer­ed could be counted more than once.

Healthcare providers report doses administer­ed to federal, state, territoria­l, and local agencies up to 72 hours after administra­tion. There may be additional lag for data to be transmitte­d from the federal, state, territoria­l, or local agency to CDC. A large difference between the number of doses distribute­d and the number of people initiating vaccinatio­n is expected due to several factors, including the time between doses being shipped and received, the time it takes for doses delivered to be administer­ed, the time it takes for administer­ed doses to be reported to CDC, and management of available vaccine stocks by jurisdicti­ons and federal pharmacy partners.

Doses distribute­d and administer­ed are reported separately for federal entities. Doses administer­ed by federal entities are not generally attributed to the jurisdicti­ons in which they were administer­ed. However, some federal sites may report such doses to both the jurisdicti­on and to the federal entity. The “Rate per 100,000” metric displays as “n/a” for federal entities because population-based rates are not applicable. Data for federal entities will display when the “Counts” metric is selected. Veterans Health Administra­tion (VHA) totals include employees, veteran patients, and other federal partners vaccinated by VHA.

 ?? Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Arkansas Department of Health • Created with Datawrappe­r ??
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Arkansas Department of Health • Created with Datawrappe­r

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