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Partner in need doesn’t have a partner indeed

- Dear Abby Jeanne Phillips

I have been with my boyfriend for 11 years. In all this time he has never once asked me if I’m OK whenever I have gotten hurt. I got used to it, you might say. Well, I recently lost the ability to walk, and ended up in a nursing home for rehabilita­tion. My boyfriend would come to visit, but would never ask about progress. Furthermor­e, when I would show him my progress he wouldn’t act happy.

Now I’m home, and he treats me like garbage. I don’t know why. When I brought it up, he said he doesn’t know why. Should I end this relationsh­ip so I can find someone who’s supportive and who will help me get back to 100%? Or should I stay and work on this relationsh­ip? I’m less and less happy every day. — Hurting In The Midwest

Dear Hurting: Your boyfriend of 11 years is not a nurturer. That he doesn’t ask if you are hurt or injured shows he lacks empathy. If I had to hazard a guess, I would opine that he treats you like garbage now because he’s mad at you for needing his help and support. No amount of working on this will fix what’s missing in his character. Unless you want to be treated like this for the rest of your life, get rid of him.

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