Coun­cil gives okay to scare up fall fun

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA - By Jeff Werner

1E:TO:1 BOR­OUGH – If yRu’UH a cURw anG yRu OLvH Ln 1HwWRwn, yRu EHWWHU schHGuOH a flLghW RuW Rf WRwn Ln OcWREHU RU EH scaUHG sLOOy.

HaUUy BHWz, RwnHU Rf WhH 1HwWRwn BLNH ShRS, anG BHcNy BHWz, RwnHU Rf BHcNy’s DHOL, re­ceived the go ahead from bor­ough coun­cil on Aug. 14 to hold a scare­crow dec­o­rat­ing con­test on State Street in con­junc­tion wLWh WhH WRwn’s wLOGOy suc­cHss­ful Hal­loween win­dow paint­ing and cup­cake dec­o­rat­ing con­tests.

The scare­crows will be creaWHG Ey LnGLvLGuaOs, faPLOLHs, groups and busi­ness own­ers and at­tached to the old fash­ioned light poles that line State and Sy­caPRUH sWUHHWs.

HaUUy BHWz saLG hH gRW WhH LGHa af­ter driv­ing through a small town and see­ing a bunch of “wacNy” scaUHcURws OLnLng WhH street.

“IW NLnG Rf EOHw PH away. IW’s UHaOOy cRRO,” saLG BHWz. “I thought it would be fun to bring it to New­town.”

BHWz, whR saLG WhHy’UH sWLOOLng wRUNLng RuW WhH fi­naO GHWaLOs Rf WhH cRnWHsW, saLG hH Hn­vL­sions con­tes­tants build­ing the scare­crows ahead of time on a wooden back­board that would EH HasLOy aWWachHG WR WhH SROHs.

The scare­crows would be put Ln SOacH Rn OcW. 20 Ln cRn­junc­tion with the an­nual win­dow and cup­cake dec­o­rat­ing conWHsWs. ThHy wRuOG UHPaLn Rn GLsSOay WhURugh OcW. 31.

LasW yHaU, PRUH Whan 100 SHRSOH WRRN SaUW Ln WhH HvHnW, ac­cRUGLng WR BHcNy BHWz. “$ ORW Rf SHRSOH cRPH WR WRwn, waON aU­RunG anG UHaOOy Hn­jRy LW. :H wanted to make it even more of a GUaw Ey GRLng WhLs.”

Look for ad­di­tional de­tails on the con­test as it be­comes avail­able at Buck­sLo­cal­

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