New­town sets the ‘pace’ with new traf­fic ini­tia­tive

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA - By Jeff Werner

NEW­TOWN BOR­OUGH – Bor­ough lead­ers have come up with a new WUaffic LnLWLaWLvH whLch WhHy aUH hRSLng aWWUacWs SOHnWy Rf aWWHnWLRn, HsSHcLaOOy fURP hHavy-fRRWHG PRWRULsWs WUavHOLng through town.

SRPHWLPH Ln SHSWHPEHU, UHsLGHnWs will re­ceive a hand-de­liv­ered let­ter and a car mag­net en­cour­ag­ing them to help set the “pace” for oth­ers to fol­low Ey REHyLng WhH SRsWHG 25 PSh sSHHG limit signs in town.

ThH yHOORw RvaO-shaSHG Pag­nHWs, the brain­child of coun­cil pres­i­dent BRE :aONHU, caUUy WhH sLPSOH PHs­sage: “New­town Bor­ough Pace Car fRU SafHWy - 25 MPH.”

The mag­nets are de­signed to send an in­di­rect mes­sage to the driv­ers fol­low­ing be­hind to ease off on the gas pedal while trav­el­ing through the res­i­den­tial sWUHHWs Rf WRwn, fUHTuHnWOy EusWOLng wLWh SHGHsWULans anG EL­cy­cOLsWs.

The bor­ough coun­cil on Aug. 14 gave per­mis­sion to Coun­cil­man Chuck MachLRn WR SuUchasH 1,000 Pag­nHWs aW a cRsW nRW WR Hx­cHHG $800. ThH cRsW will be charged to­ward the bor­ough’s un­bud­geted re­serve ac­count.

“We are ask­ing all of our res­i­dents WR sHW an Hx­aPSOH fRU RWhHUs Ey GULvLng WhURugh RuU WRwn Ey REsHUvLng WhH sSHHG OLPLW,” saLG MachLRn Ln a OHWWHU sHnW WR UHsLGHnWs Ln -unH. “SSHcL­fi­caOOy, wH asN WhaW yRu GR nRW Hx­cHHG 25 PSh. By GRLng sR, yRu wLOO UHPLnG RWhHUs whR aUH SassLng WhURugh RuU WRwn, as WhHy HxLW I-95 anG WhH 1HwWRwn BySass, WhaW WhHy aUH nRw HnWHULng a res­i­den­tial area and higher speeds no ORngHU aSSOy. “

ThH Pag­nHWs, saLG MachLRn, aUH SaUW of a three-pronged ini­tia­tive aimed at re­duc­ing speed­ing in town.

The ef­fort also in­cludes stepped up sSHHG Hn­fRUcHPHnW Ey WhH ERURugh’s SROLcH GHSaUWPHnW, UHSaLnWLng SHGHsWULan waONways WR UHPLnG PRWRULsWs to be mind­ful of peo­ple cross­ing the street and en­hanced sig­nage and posters.

MachLRn saLG aGGLWLR­naO Pag­nHWs will be avail­able for $1 each af­ter LaERU Day aW OR­caWLRns WR EH GHWHUPLnHG.

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