Snack Smart!

The Advance of Bucks County - - BRISTOL AREA -

Snack­ing smart re­quires a bit of bal­anceI ex­plains Detwiler. “Try to have a bal­anced snDFk RI D SrRtHin sRurFH (SHDnut Eut­tHr, string cheeseI gogurtI pack­aged soy milkI al­monds) with a whole grain car­bo­hy­drate (fig EDrs, whRlH grDin grDhDP FrDFkHrs, whRlH grDin gRld­fish, hRnHy whHDt SrHtzHl stiFks) and/or a sea­sonal fresh fruit which will in­FrHDsH fiEHr in­tDkH.”

oe­mem­ber that not ev­ery­thing that looks nu­tri­tious is the best choice.

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