Boock­var launches fall cam­paign for Congress

The Advance of Bucks County - - FRONT PAGE - By Jeff Werner

least we aren’t bleed­ing 750,000 MRbs D PRnWK like we were un­der the last few months of the Bush Ad­min­is­tra­tion. ft’s been on an uptick. That’s pos­i­tive. But we all know we need to do more. te need to make things in our coun­try again, to make sure we’re cre­at­ing PDnuIDcWuULng MRbs,” KH sDLd. “WH wDnW WKRsH MRbs here, not in China, not in iatin Amer­ica.

“jost folks don’t know that hathy’s op­po­nent in this race, when he was in Congress, cast the de­cid­ing vote on the CenWUDO APHULcD FUHH TUDdH Agree­ment. ee looked peo­ple in the eye and said he was go­ing to vote against it and then he voted for it be­cause he got pres­sure,” said ju­r­phy.

“hathy has back­bone and will stand up to any-

Bof­pTli – tith the clock tick­ing to­ward kovem­ber, hathy Boock­var, the aemo­cratic can­di­date for Congress in the Uth aistrict, launched her fall cam­paign on patur­day with for­mer r.p. Con­gress­man and fraq tar vet­eran ma­trick ju­r­phy stand­ing by her side.

Ad­dress­ing a crowd of party faith­ful inside Bris­tol’s aemo­cratic fiHOd RI­ficH Rn FDUUDguW Av­enue, ju­r­phy praised Boock­var as a “mother, a figKWHU Dnd D OHDdHU wKR will get things done on our be­half.

“There is no stronger cham­pion for our work­ing fam­i­lies, for our se­niors, for those who need a voice,” said ju­r­phy, who was un­seated by Boock­var’s op­po­nent, in­cum­bent oepub­li­can Con­gress­man jichael FLWzSDWULcN Ln 2011. “WH need to do ev­ery­thing we can do to make sure she rep­re­sents our dis­trict and our Congress in the rnited ptates.”

ju­r­phy called the up­cRPLng HOHcWLRn “D dHfin­ing mo­ment” in the na­tion’s his­tory and blasted FLWzSDWULcN, sDyLng KH wants to take the coun­try back by dis­crim­i­nat­ing against women in re­gard to health­care and by deny­ing se­niors a jedi­care re­bate check un­der jedi­care mart a.

Turn­ing to the econ­omy, ju­r­phy said there are pos­i­tive signs. “At body, whether aemo­crat or oepub­li­can. phe will do what’s right ev­ery sin­gle time,” said ju­r­phy.

“ft is up to us in this URRP WR figKW IRU RuU vDOuHs, WR figKW IRU RuU IuWuUH Dnd WR figKW IRU RuU cRun­try. te need to make sure that we do all that we can to let peo­ple know that hathy rep­re­sents our val­uHs. SKH wLOO figKW IRU us. WH MusW nHHd WR gLvH KHU D chance,” said juprhy.

Boock­var said the last few weeks of news could not make it more clear that this year’s elec­tion “presents us with stark dif­fer­ences be­tween our deeply held be­liefs of what Amer­ica is all about.

“The vice pres­i­den­tial pick of maul oyan, oep. Todd Akin’s com­ments on rape and the draft okC’s plat­form – show the most ex­treme, far from cen­ter agenda for gov­ern­ment that we’ve seen in decades,” said Boock­var.

“CRngUHssPDn FLWzSDWrick has stood with oep. maul oyan, oep. Todd Akin, and the Tea marty, in push­ing an agenda that hurts women, se­niors, and mid­dle class fam­i­lies,” said Boock­var. “fs that the gov­ern­ment you want and de­serve?”

Boock­var con­tin­ued “f have spent my ca­reer figKWLng IRU wRPHn, IRU work­ing fam­i­lies, for se­niors, and for vet­er­ans, and f will work re­lent­lessly in tash­ing­ton to end the grid­lock and ad­vance com­mon sense so­lu­tions that strengthen the mid­dle class and get our econ­omy mov­ing again.”

Boock­var said her vi­sion for Amer­ica is one “that takes care of mid­dle class fam­i­lies and those fac­ing tough times be­fore tak­ing care of bil­lion­aires and spe­cial in­ter­ests.

“A vi­sion where we put the in­ter­est of se­niors above the in­ter­est of big oil com­pa­nies,” she con­tin­ued. “A vi­sion where we give busi­nesses in­cHnWLvHs WR cUHDWH MRbs here in the dis­trict and here in Amer­ica, to cre­ate gRRd SDyLng MRbs IRU DOO of us so we can send our chil­dren to col­lege.

“And we share a vi­sion for a Congress that works to­gether to move us for­wDUd Dnd find sROuWLRns, not one where the agenda is about ob­struc­tion, par­ti­san power pol­i­tics and about who’s on top and who’s on the bot­tom,” she said.

“f will work re­lent­lessly to make sure this once again be­comes a Congress of com­mon sense. f will work in­cred­i­bly hard to get us mov­ing for­ward again,” she said.

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