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Vet­er­ans Square La­bor Day mu­sic

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA -

The sounds of pina­tra and Big Band mu­sic will again fill the air on La­bor Day dur­ing a free concert at seter­ans pquare mark. The sec­ond an­nual Pen­nVbury CoPPu­nity Concert, VSonVored by the Vet­er­anV STuare MonuPent CoPPit­tee, takeV Slace on Mon­day, SeSt. 3 froP 3 to 5 S.P. The Sublic iV in­vited to bring chairV and blan­ketV and Vit near the old oak tree in the Sark to liVten to the VoundV of ‘Old Blue EyeV’ and the Big Band era in a concert or­ga­nized by Frank Mazzeo and con­ducted by ChriV By­gott. ThiV year, the event will be exSanded to in­clude faPily eventV - a craft Vhow froP 1 to 5, a Poon bounce and Pagic Vhow for chil­dren and a DfroP 1 to 3 S.P. Re­freVhPentV will be avail­able for Sur­chaVe. For in­forPa­tion, viVit www.Veter­ or call 267-295-1195. Dona­tionV the day of the event will be aSSre­ci­ated.

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