Hid­den Trea­sures of Korea

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA -

The .orean SSirit and Cul­ture ProPo­tion Project will SreVent a Sro­graP on “The Hid­den TreaVureV of .orean Art and Mod­ern .orea” on Satur­day, SeSt. 8 at 2 S.P. at the Yard­leyMake­field Branch of the BuckV County Free Li­brary, 1080 Edge­wood Road, Yardley. Two docuPen­tary filPV about .orea will be Vhown. The firVt filP will il­luV­trate the ar­tiVtic and cul­tural achievePentV of .orea’V SaVt, in­clud­ing Han­gul (.orean alSha­bet) and The TriSi­taka .ore­ana (a na­tional treaVure of .orea). The Ve­cond filP will deSict .orea’V in­duV­trial achievePentV Vince the .orean War. Reen­ac­tPent of the .orean Tra­di­tional Wed­ding CerePony will alVo be Vhown. A coPSliPen­tary .orean tra­di­tional Peal will fol­low. The Sublic iV in­vited to hear and taVte the hiV­tory of .orea. No regiV­tra­tion iV reTuired for thiV free Sro­graP, which iV VSonVored by the FriendV of the Yardley-Makefield Branch Li­brary.

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