Fol­low­ing in the foot­steps of Wash­ing­ton

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA - By Pe­tra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter

jloof­ps­fiib Blol­rde – fn­side the de­or­gian-style man­sion, once home to two sign­ers of the aec­la­ra­tion of the fn­de­pen­dence and the r.p. Con­sti­tu­tion, a group of vis­i­tors learned the piv­otal role the build­ing played in Amer­i­can his­tory.

7KH PDnVLRn wDV WKH fiUVW VWRS Rn D oevo­lu­tion­ary teek­end bus tour that took vis­i­tors from kew gersey, rp­per Bucks County and else­where on a jour­ney that fol­lowed in the foot­steps of den. de­orge tash­ing­ton.

ln hand to greet the vis­i­tors were lo­cal folks, dressed in pe­riod cos­tumes. ma­trick me­ters played the part of iud­wig tirten­berg, tash­ing­ton’s sur­geon. goan jon­fal­cone, the do­cent of pum­merseat, stood next to him.

gim and aonna plot­ter­beck por­trayed Thomas and jary Bar­clay, who owned pum­merseat when tash­ing­ton’s head­quar­ters was there from aec. U to aec. N4, N77S. And haren hane played the part of Bar­clay’s daugh­ter.

bric brick­son of rp­per Black bddy and his grand­son, pe­bas­tian, R, of jor­risville, stood in the en­trance­way to pum­merseat lis­ten­ing to goan jon­fal­cone tell the story of the his­toric house.

Bruce Cobbs of ceast­er­ville was clad in a Colo­nial cos­tume, in­clud­ing a tri-cor­ner hat. ee is a re-en­ac­tor with the Rth menn­syl­va­nia oeg­i­ment and is one of the reen­ac­tors that cross the aelaware oiver on Christ­mas aay at tash­ing­ton Cross­ing.

aomenic pcaglione of bwing, k.g. en­joyed talk­ing with Cobbs and be­ing on the tour. “f stud­ied the oevo­lu­tion­ary tar in school last year,” he said. “f went to the bar­racks in Tren­ton.”

ee dis­cov­ered that there were his­toric oevo­lu­tion­ary tar sites in other states.

A his­tory, pro­vided by the eis­toric jor­risville poci­ety, ex­plains tash­ing­ton’s con­nec­tion with pum­merseatW

“fn the last months of N77S des­per­ately short of men and sup­plies, tash­ing­ton al­most de­spaired. ee had lost kew vork City to the British, en­list­ment was up on gan. N for most of the troops and many were de­sert­ing, civil­ian morale was fall­ing rapidly and Congress, faced with the pos­si­bil­ity of a British at­tack on mhiladel­phia, had left the city.

“Thomas Bar­clay, a well-known pa­triot, also left mhiladel­phia with his young fam­ily and came to pum­merseat to be safe. iit­tle did Bar­clay know that de­orge tash­ing­ton would soon be ar­riv­ing at pum­merseat. And on aec. U, tash­ing­ton and his troops crossed the aelaware with the British lit­er­ally min­utes be­hind them and ar­rived at Bar­clay’s sum­mer home, pum­merseat. tash­ing­ton stayed un­til aec. N4.

“fn pum­merseat, we be­lieve the fu­ture of the world be­gan to change. pum­merseat is on a hill over­look­ing Tren­ton. tash­ing­ton surely re­ceived re­ports of the British move­ments di­rectly across the river. thile stay­ing at pum­merseat, we be­lieve was born the idea of the at­tack against the eessian troops in Tren­ton. This at­tack on Christ­mas night N77S changed the his­tory of the peo­ples of the world.

“pum­merseat is the only house in Amer­ica owned by two sign­ers of the aec­la­ra­tion of fn­de­pen­dence and the Con­sti­tu­tion, oobert jor­ris and de­orge Cly­mer. jor­ris pur­chased it from Bar­clay’s es­tate, and Cly­mer pur­chased it from jor­ris. Cly­mer died in pum­merseat in NUNP.”

The oevo­lu­tion­ary teek­end was made pos­si­ble through the com­bined ef­forts of the Ac­tors’ kbT of Bucks County, the jor­risville Busi­ness As­so­ci­a­tion EjBAF, the eis­toric jor­risville poci­ety Ee­jpF, tash­ing­ton Cross­ing eis­toric As­so­ci­a­tion and the Tren­ton Bar­racks.

crom pum­merseat, the tour pro­ceeded to Tren­ton’s fa­mous bar­racks with in­terim stops at the Thomp­son-keely eouse in pole­bury Town­ship, a tour of the menn­syl­va­nia side of the cross­ing, a walk across the bridge to the land­ing site in kew gersey and a track­ing of tash­ing­ton’s overnight or­deal tak­ing his troops to the Tren­ton Bar­racks and the turn­ing point of the tar of fn­de­pen­dence.

pum­merseat is lo­cated at eill­crest and ie­gion av­enues in jor­risville Bor­ough. The build­ing is fur­nished in pe­riod-style rooms typ­i­fy­ing var­i­ous pe­ri­ods of its his­tory.

*** Tours of pum­merseat are avail­able for groups and by ap­point­ment. cor more in­for­ma­tion, call ONR-O9R-7PP9.

Photo by Pe­tra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter

Some of the vol­un­teers at Sum­merseat were, from left, Patrick Peters, Joan Mon­fal­cone, Jim Slot­ter­beck, Karen Kane and Donna Slot­ter­beck.

Photo by Pe­tra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter

Jim and Donna Slot­ter­beck play the part of Thomas and Mary Bar­clay, one-time own­ers of Sum­merseat.

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