Board ac­cepts res­ig­na­tion of prin­ci­pal, ap­points in­tern

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA - By Pe­tra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter

jloof­ps­fiib pCelli af­pTofCT -- There was a round of ap­plause at this week’s school board meet­ing IRr LDurLH 5uIfinJ, SrLn­ci­pal at drand­view blHmHnWDry SFhRRO, whR LV re­sign­ing af­ter work­ing for the school dis­trict since OMMR.

The school board unan­i­mously ac­cepted her res­ig­na­tion at the reg­u­lar pub­lic meet­ing Rn WHGnHVGDy, AuJ. 22.

5uIfinJ LV WDkLnJ D MRE in an­other school dis­trict.

“f was given an op­por­tu­nity some­where else that my fam­ily and I FDn’W JLvH uS,” 5uIfinJ said af­ter the meet­ing.

5uIfinJ DOVR wrRWH grants for the school GLVWrLFW, LnFOuGLnJ PrH-. Counts and fed­eral pro­grams.

fn ad­di­tion to be­ing an ad­min­is­tra­tor for IRur yHDrV, VhH WDuJhW DW drand­view and j.o. oe- iter el­e­men­tary schools.

“f am very sad be­cause f will miss my students and my staff that f have wRrkHG wLWh,” VhH VDLG, “but f know they will be OHIW Ln vHry JRRG hDnGV.”

BLOO FHr­rDrD, VFhRRO GLVWrLFW VuSHrLnWHnGHnW, com­mented af­ter the mHHWLnJ Rn res­ig­na­tion. 0LVV 5uIfinJ he said.


a 5uIfinJ’V “ios­ing LV huJH,”

ded­i­cated pro­fes­sional who is in the pro­fes­sion for the right rea­son and that’s to make students suc­cessIuO,” hH VDLG.

pchool board pres­i­dent gohn aetilde told ouf­fLnJ, “I wLVh yRu wHOO.”

0HDn­whLOH, TRGG DuPHOO, 39, wDV DS­pointed for one year as ad­min­is­tra­tive in­tern at drand­view and is reSODFLnJ 5uIfinJ.

ee is not be­ing named prin­ci­pal be­cause the school board has not de­cided whether to make the po­si­tion per­ma­nent or to re­or­ga­nize the ad­min­is­tra­tive team.

“f want to go into the school and re­ally be­come part of the fab­ric of drand­view and in­spire the teach­ers to be WHDFhHr OHDGHrV,” hH VDLG. “fn my mind the school is go­ing to run in spite of me not be­cause of me.

“then you value and re­spect your col­leagues’ LnSuW, LW ErLnJV RuW Ln WhHm WhHLr EHVW,” DuPHOO said.

PrHvLRuVOy, hH wRrkHG in till­ing­boro pchool DLVWrLFW, N.-. DnG Ln 0DSOH ShDGH, N.-. DV wHOO as in clorida.

A 1991 JrDGuDWH RI Bris­tol Bor­ough eigh SFhRRO, DuPHOO rHFHLvHG his Bach­e­lor of pcience de­gree in psy­chol­ogy IrRm .uWzWRwn UnLvHr­sity.

ee earned his jaster RI ArWV GHJrHH Ln Fur­ricu­lum and su­per­vi­sion IrRm 5LGHr UnLvHrVLWy.

DuPHOO hDV DOVR FRm­pleted lead­er­ship coursewRrk IrRm FORrLGD AWODnWLF UnLvHrVLWy.

In RWhHr nHwV, WhH board elected aavid ptoneb­urner as vice pres­i­dent. The post was OHIW vDFDnW whHn AOLnD jarone left the school ERDrG WR mRvH WR NHw gersey.

John DeWilde, right, pres­i­dent of the Morrisville School Board, con­grat­u­lates Todd Du­Pell for his ap­point­ment as ad­min­is­tra­tive in­tern at Grand­view El­e­men­tary School. (Photo by Pe­tra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter)

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