Coun­cil OKS po­lice con­tract

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA - By D.E. Sch­lat­ter

jloof­ps­fiib - The bor­ough coun­cil forPDOOy DGRSWHG D finDO FRnWUDFW wLWK LWV SROLFH union in an U-M vote at its Au­gust OM meet­ing.

fn jay coun­cil unan­i­mously had ap­proved the ar­bi­tra­tion award with the union. Ac­cord­ing to Coun­cil mres­i­dent kancy pher­lock, “this LV nRw WKH finDO wULWWHn FRnWUDFW DOO SLHFHG WRgether.”

pher­lock said that the ar­bi­tra­tor awarded the union twelve points which were part of the NRO points even­tu­ally cov­ered in the writ­ten pact that coun­cil ap­proved jon­day night.

,n WKH fiUVW yHDU RI WKH FRnWUDFW, SROLFH RI­fiFHUV tech­ni­cally will not get a salary in­crease. eow­ever, two per­cent will be taken from their pen­sion money and put into their pay­checks from jay N through aec. PN, OMNO.

1RUPDOOy, WKH SROLFH FRnWULEuWH fiYH SHUFHnW into their in­di­vid­ual pen­sion ac­counts. eow­ever, this year they will only con­trib­ute three per­cent.

At the time of the ar­bi­tra­tion award, bor­ough man­ager Tom Bates had ex­plained that in ef­fect WKH RI­fiFHUV wHUH JHWWLnJ D WwR-SHUFHnW UDLVH Ln WKH fiUVW yHDU.

ee said that’s be­cause the be­gin­ning of the yHDU, WKH ERURuJK KDG JuDUDnWHHG WKDW fiYH SHU­cent of their salary is put into the each pen­sion. Ac­cord­ing to Bates, if at the end of the year the union mem­bers do not meet their pen­sion re­quire­ments, “the bor­ough will have to pay the two per­cent dif­fer­ence.”

fn the sec­ond year of the con­tract, they will re­ceive a O.R per­cent raise, and three per­cent in the third year.

fn ad­di­tion, the new con­tract also con­tains longevity pay, a prac­tice which has been around for many years in jor­risville Bor­ough. The of­fiFHUV wLOO UHFHLYH 2.5 WR 3.5 SHUFHnW RI WKHLU Dnnual salary, de­pend­ing on length of ser­vice.

TKH SROLFH IRUFH KDV 10 IuOO-WLPH RI­fiFHUV, IRuU part-timers and one po­lice chief.

Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est r.p. Cen­sus, the bor­ough pop­u­la­tion is a nearly U,PMM. eow­ever, jor­risville is con­duct­ing its own count be­cause RI­fiFLDOV VDLG WKDW WKHy EHOLHYH WKH DFWuDO SRSu­la­tion is greater. cor sev­eral years, the bor­ough has in­di­cated that there are about NM,MMM res­i­dents.

Lizette Mo­rales Chomicki, who started the LYFT teen ad­vi­sory coun­cil, re­signed re­cently.

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