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ood trends arrive, some re­main and a few get bet­ter and dig in their heels. One such trend is bar­be­cue. In times past, real bar­be­cue could only be found in cer­tain ar­eas of our coun­try. tith the un­der­stand­ing that bar­beque is in­her­ently Amer­i­can; the Caroli­nas, Ten­nessee, Texas and a ma­jor­ity of the south dom­i­nated our food world in this re­gard. Now, how­ever, chefs in ev­ery state heeded our de­sire for real bar­be­cue and we pre­vailed.

that se­cret in­gre­di­ent makes bar­be­cue gen­uine and de­lec­ta­ble? I feel sim­plic­ity is our friend for such a sauce. cor bar­be­cue, even the wood we use makes a dif­fer­ence in the taste. Most com­monly used are ap­ple, cherry and maple. Ap­ple juice, ap­ple cider vine­gar, bour­bon or whiskey and some mo­lasses are com­mon liq­uid in­gre­di­ents. cor spices, you may choose chili pow­der, gar­lic pow­der, kosher salt, brown su­gar, pa­prika and cumin. The taste is a per­sonal one. I pre­fer a sweet and spicy bar­be­cue, while my hus­band, Dave, like smoky and spicy.

The his­tor­i­cal birth­place of bar­be­cue is some­what neb­u­lous, but it is safe to place it at the for­ma­tion of the fiUVW AmeUiFDn FRORnieV in WKe 17WK FenWuUy. TKe eWymRO­ogy of the term is vague, but the most plau­si­ble the­ory states that the word “bar­be­cue” is a de­rived from the test In­dian term “bar­ba­coa,” which refers to a method of slow-cook­ing meat over hot coals. There was once the in­sin­u­a­tion that the name came from a Carolina ad which ex­plains that it is a com­bi­na­tion of bar, beer and pool, along with a pig, hence the bar-beer-cue, but I raise an eye­brow to that one.

Many whiskey com­pa­nies, fa­mil­iar to most, have cre­ated their own ver­sion of bar­be­cue sauce. dreat an­gle for them, right? Some are fruit-based, oth­ers tomato-based and some are mus­tard-based. These and many oth­ers are read­ily avail­able for your pur­chase, or you may choose to make your own. If so, en­joy! • 1 FuS NeWFKuS • 1/2 FuS vinegDU, SUeIeUDEOy FiGeU RU wine vinegDU • 1/2 FuS EURwn VugDU, SDFNeG • 2 WDEOeVSRRnV VRy VDuFe • 2 WDEOeVSRRnV :RUFeVWeUVKiUe VDuFe • 2 WDEOeVSRRnV SUeSDUeG muVWDUG • 1 WeDVSRRn gU­RunG gin­geU • 1 WeDVSRRn gDUOiF SRwGeU • 1 WDEOeVSRRn FDnROD RU RWKeU miOG veg­eWDEOe RiO • 1/2 WeDVSRRn OiTuiG VmRNe (RSWiRnDO) 0ix DOO in­gUeGienWV WRgeWKeU DnG Vim­meU IRU DERuW five min­uWeV WR EOenG WKe flDvRUV. TKiV FDn Ee VWRUeG in Dn air­tight con­tainer and it will keep in the re­frig­er­a­tor for sev­eral weeks or more.

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