Through the Grapevine: Be­gin­ner’s Guide to Bordeaux

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grape in Bordeaux, cov­er­ing about 50% RI WKe wine UegiRn); 0DOEeF DnG PeWiW Ver­dot, which are used in lesser pro­por­tion.

thite wines are pro­duced mostly from Sau­vi­gnon Blanc and Sémil­lon. Mus­cadelle is a lesser known white va­ri­etal grown in Bordeaux. has been “grown.” Ev­ery coun­try has its own set of rules gov­ern­ing the use of these ap­pel­la­tions, and the r.S., in many ways, is in its in­fancy when it comes to the use of ge­o­graph­i­cal des­ig­na­tions.

The crench ap­pel­la­tion sys­tem be­came ODw in 1935 wiWK WKe eVWDEOiVK­menW RI WKe ,NAO (,nVWiWuW NDWiRnDO GeV ASSeOODWiRnV G’OUig­ine ), D EUDnFK RI WKe crench Min­istry of Agri­cul­ture. In the 5Kône wine UegiRn %DURn PieUUe Le 5Ry Boiseau­marié, a lawyer and wine­grower IURm CKkWeDuneuI-Gu-PDSe, VuFFeVV­fully ob­tained le­gal recog­ni­tion of the “CôWeV Gu 5Kône” DSSeOODWiRn in 1937. The AOC seal was cre­ated and man­dated Ey FUenFK ODwV in WKe 1950V, 1960V DnG 1970V.

In crance ap­pel­la­tions are re­ferred to by the let­ters AOC, which means “Ap­pel­la­tion d’orig­ine con­trôlée, or “con­trolled des­ig­na­tion of ori­gin.” Re­stric­tions other than ge­o­graph­i­cal bound­aries may ap­ply to cer­tain ap­pel­la­tions, such as what grapes can be grown in the area, max­i­mum grape yields, al­co­hol lev­els in wine, and other qual­ity fac­tors.

Cross­ing Vine­yards’ tine In­sti­tute of­fers a crench tine for Begin­ners se­ries, as well as travel op­por­tu­ni­ties to visit crance as part of its In­ter­na­tional Travel PURgUDm. FRU mRUe in­IRUmDWiRn, viViW WKe web­site: www.cross­ingvine­ or email: [email protected]­ingvine­

Chris­tine Car­roll is a colum­nist for Wines and Vines Mag­a­zine in San Rafael Cal­i­for­nia and one of the prin­ci­pals of Cross­ing Vine­yards and Win­ery. She is a FRrMEr RF­fiCEr RF WHE PENNVyLvDNID WIN­ery As­so­ci­a­tion’s Board of Di­rec­tors.

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