Let­ter car­rier gives Santa a help­ing hand with his mail

The Advance of Bucks County - - YARDLEY-MORRISVILLE AREA - By Petra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter

MOR­RISVILLE -- Erica Guthrie is not your or­di­nary let­ter car­rier – she is one of Santa’s helpers at the Mor­risville Post Of­fice – zLS-cRGe 19067. She haV wRrkeG IRr the P.O. IRr 26 yearV.

Guthrie folds and seals let­ters from Santa anG then PaLOV theP tR the yRung wrLterV whRVe Oet­terV finG theLr way tR the SRVt RI­fice..

,n yearV SaVt, Frank Zanger, the IRrPer SRVtPaVter, haG a VSecLaO PaLOERx IRr kLGV tR ‘GeSRVLt’ theLr Oet­terV tR Santa.

“:e wRuOG get a ORt PRre Oet­terV Ee­cauVe SeR­SOe were a ORt PRre aware,” GuthrLe VaLG.

Zanger reveOeG Ln EeLng Santa’V heOSer at the SRVt RI­fice. SRPetLPeV, he’G reaG a Oet­ter that waV cOearOy IrRP a neeGy chLOG anG he wRuOG reach Rut tR the IaPLOy tR heOS. The LPSreVVLve Sart waV, he GLG Lt aOO Ey hLPVeOI. :hat uVeG tR Ee a Rne-Oet­ter car­rLer MRE LV nRw GRne Ey three SeR­SOe, PakLng what Santa GReV aOO the PRre LPSreVVLve. GuthrLe VaLG VRPe RI the Oet­terV are VaG. “:e aOwayV GR try tR keeS an eye Rut,” Vhe VaLG. “There waV Rne Oet­ter where aOO he wan­teG waV a VtRve IRr hLV granGPRP. There waV nR naPe Rr aGGreVV Rn that Oet­ter.” SRPetLPeV the Oet­ter car­rLerV wLOO nRtLce a Oet­ter OLke that anG they can GeterPLne where Lt caPe IrRP.

On the brighter side, Guthrie said, some RI the Oet­terV tR Santa “are MuVt reaOOy Vweet. SRPe RI the kLGV Graw SLc­tureV Rn theLr Oet­terV. A ORt RI theP Vay heOOR tR Santa anG aVk LI MrV. COauV LV GRLng weOO. A ORt RI theP VRunG carLng.”

GuthrLe haV OearneG hRw carLng anG Ln­quLVLtLve kLGV can Ee. Many Oet­terV LncOuGe a nRte wLth the unGerV­tanGLng that Santa PLght nRt be able to give the child ev­ery­thing he or she wantV. Oth­erV LncOuGe re­queVtV IRr a ErRther Rr VLVter. StLOO RtherV aVk aERut the weOO-EeLng RI MrV. COauV, the reLnGeer anG the eOveV. AnG RI cRurVe, Lt wRuOGn’t Ee the hROLGay VeaVRn wLthRut a chLOG aVkLng hRw Santa get tR aOO thRVe hRuVeV Ln MuVt Rne nLght.

LaVt year, there were a ORt RI re­queVtV IRr An­gry BLrGV. LLncROn LRgV anG LegRV are very SRSuOar.

:hLOe the MRE PLght VeeP teGLRuV, GuthrLe VaLG Vhe finGV Lt aPuVLng tR reaG the Oet­terV tR MROOy ROG St. NLck.

“, OLke reaGLng theP,” Vhe VaLG. “SRPe RI theP Pake yRu Oaugh – the way they VSeOO cer­taLn wRrGV.” The kLnGneVV RI VRPe chLOGren Pake her VPLOe. LLke the Oet­ter IrRP SRShLa, whLch reaG, Ln Sart,, “, want tR teOO yRu , aP thankIuO IRr yRu. YRu are the Rne whR re­warGV uV IRr EeLng gRRG. Thank yRu. :rLte Eack!”

GuthrLe haV VRPethLng tR Vhare wLth the chil­dren in the area di­rect from San­taW “I wRuOG OLke tR wLVh aOO the chLOGren a VPLOe Rn ChrLVtPaV PRrnLng anG tR Ee at Seace, enMRy what­ever they get anG hRSeIuOOy we wLOO have a haSSy, SeaceIuO ChrLVtPaV.”

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