Bris­tol Bor­ough res­i­dent Su­san Jann wins big on Jeop­ardy!

The Advance of Bucks County - - BRISTOL AREA - By Jeff Werner and Cary Beavers

BBuck­sLo­ RISTOL BOR­OUGH – She stared di­rectly into the cam­era, wide eyed and, from all ap­pear­ances, barely breath­ing. But when Jeop­ardy! Host Alex Tre­bek re­vealed Bris­tol Bor­ough’s Su­san Jann’s fi­naO -HRSaUGy anVwHU anG HxFOaLPHG, “YRu aUH FRUUHFt!” VhH OHt Rut a GHHS bUHath anG bURNH LntR a huge smile. Not only was Jann cor­rect, she was the win­ner and $22,800 richer. Hav­ing an­swered a ques­tion abRut 19th FHn­tuUy Ln­vHn­tLRnV FRUUHFtOy – “What LV thH tHOHJUaSh?” – -ann tRSSOHG thH GHIHnGLnJ FhaPSLRn anG earned a sec­ond ap­pear­ance on the hugely pop­u­lar na­tional game show which was sched­uled to air Tues­day night af­ter the pa­per’s dead­line.

StaUtLnJ RII hHU natLR­naO tHOHvLVLRn GHbut VORwOy Rn 0RnGay nLJht, -ann HvHn­tu­aOOy JavH hHU fiUVt ULJht anVwHU (“What LV Da BRPb?”) anG waV RII anG Uun­nLnJ. ShH VtaUtHG SuOOLnJ ahHaG aItHU thUHH FRnVHFutLvH TuHVtLRnV abRut GULnNV Ln thH FatHJRUy, “ChULVtPaV SSLULtV,” SURPStLnJ TUHbHN tR RbVHUvH, “YRu UHaOOy NnRw yRuU bRRzH.”

Prior to the show, which was taped in early Septem­ber, Jann wouldn’t re­veal her success to any­one – fam­ily LnFOuGHG. -ann, whR LV a VHnLRU RSHUatLRnV FRRUGL­natRU anG a 1998 CRunFLO RRFN HLJh JUaGu­atH, waV JuaUan­tHHG at OHaVt $1,000, thH SULzH awaUGHG tR thH VhRw’V thLUG-SOaFH finLVhHU.

“WhHn yRu JHt Rn thH VhRw Lt’V a ORt RI OuFN,” VaLG -ann,. a 1998 JUaGu­atH RI CRunFLO RRFN HLJh SFhRRO anG WaVhLnJtRn CURVVLnJ natLvH. “$UH thHy JRLnJ tR FRPH uS wLth a ORt RI FatHJRULHV that aUH thLnJV , NnRw? WhHn I was out there I watched a lot of the shows be­ing taped that are on this week, I thought if this would have been my show I would have known none of this. A lot of it is luck of the GUaw anG bHLnJ IaVt Rn yRuU buz­zHU,” VhH VaLG.

Jann, who works for In­ter­na­tional SOS in Trevose, has aOwayV Hn­jRyHG tULvLa. WhLOH a VtuGHnt at CRunFLO RRFN VhH SaUtLFLSatHG Ln thH SFhROaUV BRwO. $nG VhH GRHV QuLzzR ev­ery week.

“, juVt havH a ORt RI uVHOHVV tULvLa bRunFLnJ aURunG Ln Py hHaG,” VaLG -ann, whR JOHanV ORt RI hHU NnRwOHGJH IURP UHaGLnJ. “But Lt SaLG RII. , JRt tR bH Rn -HRSaUGy!” VhH VaLG.

That’s an ac­com­plish­ment in it­self. Of the thou­sands who ap­ply an­nu­ally to be on the show, only a cou­ple of hun­dred make it on TV.

But the odds never de­terred Jann, whose life­long dream waV tR bH Rn thH SRSuOaU TuLz VhRw.

On a whim, Jann took the con­tes­tant’s test in Fe­bru­ary 2011. About a month later, she re­ceived en email invit­ing her to a per­sonal au­di­tion and in April 2011 she trav­eled to 1Hw YRUN CLty, fiOOHG Rut VRPH SaSHUwRUN, SaUtLFLSatHG Ln an in­ter­view with a pro­ducer and took part in a mock game.

Six­teen months later, in Au­gust 2012 she re­ceived a call invit­ing her to be a con­tes­tant on the show. 2I FRuUVH, hHU anVwHU waV a UHVRunGLnJ “YHV!” ShH flHw Rut tR CaOLIRUnLa Ln HaUOy SHStHPbHU tR SaUtLFLSatH Ln thH VhRw’V taSLnJ, Hn­jRyHG Vunny SRuthHUn CaOLIRUnLa anG JRt tR PHHt thH VhRw’V hRVt, $OHx TUHbHN, “whLFh waV NLnG RI nHat,” VhH VaLG.

,t waV, aV -ann SutV Lt, “a RnFH-Ln-a-OLIHtLPH HxSHULHnFH” anG “Hx­tUHPHOy Iun” tR bH Rn thH VhRw.

“EvHUy­bRGy waV vHUy nLFH. 1Rt RnOy GLG thH FRn­tHV­tant co­or­di­na­tors really sup­port you and really want you to win, but aOO thH RthHU FRn­tHV­tantV GLG tRR. ,t waV juVt an aPazLnJ HxSHULHnFH,” VhH VaLG.

WaV VhH nHUvRuV? “, waV thH PRVt nHUvRuV whHn , haG to talk to Alex, be­cause that’s just me kind of spew­ing off vHUbaO whatHvHU at hLP.”

SR what’V nHxt IRU -ann nRw that VhH haV IuO­fiOOHG hHU OLIHORnJ GUHaP?

“That waV Py Hn­tLUH buFNHt OLVt. , GRn’t NnRw what ,’P JRLnJ tR GR,” VhH OauJhV. “, havH tR FRPH uS wLth VRPHthLnJ nHw anG HxFLtLnJ.”

Jeop­ardy! host Alex Tre­bek with Su­san Jann of Bris­tol Bor­ough.

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