Could taxes be go­ing up in Penns­bury? Maybe so...

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This is with ref­er­ence to the report lhere in The Ad­vance con­cern­ing the reap­point­ment by the Penns­bury School Board of Al­lan Weisel as board pres­i­dent, and se­lect­ing Gary San­der­son as the new vice pres­i­dent.

I have a se­ri­ous con­cern that was raised im­plic­itly in the above report EThe Ad­vance), and I be­lieve thou­sands of vot­ers will have this same con­cern here in Penns­bury as soon at it sinks in; and that is – is the five vote board mem­ber ma­jor­ity we have had since the last Board mem­ber elec­tion still in­tact?

Al­lan Weisel is and has been a stal­wart cham­pion of main­tain­ing and im­prov­ing our fine ed­u­ca­tional pro­gram, and at the same time mak­ing ab­so­lutely sure we do so at the low­est and most re­spon­si­ble cost to the tax­payer. The Board’s vot­ing has con­sis­tently been that way, and we hope and ex­pect that con­tin­ues.

The five vote Board ma­jor­ity we have had since the last elec­tion are: Al­lan Weisel, Kath­leen wawacki, Simon Camp­bell, Chris Cridge, and Stephan Kos­morsky.

The four vote mi­nor­ity board mem­bers are Gary San­der­son, Harold Gold­berg, gohn Palmer, and gac­que­line Red­ner.

A ma­jor con­cern we have is that the above four mi­nor­ity Board mem­bers have fairly con­sis­tently voted in fa­vor of the rnion’s po­si­tion on all bud­getary mat­ters, mean­ing of course a higher cost to the tax­payer and the higher taxes in­volved.

The ques­tion we have now is how will Al­lan Weisel vote? We can as­sume Mr. San­der­son will vote con­sis­tent with the three other rnion backed peo­ple above he has been con­sis­tently vot­ing with.

Be­cause Mr. Weisel voted in fa­vor of the union en­dorsed can­di­date Gary San­der­son as op­posed to any of the other four non-union en­dorsed can­di­dates, does that mean that Mr. Weisel will now be sud­denly chang­ing his think­ing and po­si­tion, and will now sud­denly be vot­ing with the union and in sup­port of their po­si­tion? This is a se­ri­ous ques­tion; par­tic­u­larly when I see Mr. Weisel’s quote of: “The Penns­bury School District will not and should never go over a cliff”.

The only way this could hap­pen is if Mr. Weisel now starts vot­ing with the union po­si­tion, join­ing with the former mi­nor­ity four board mem­bers; but now they be­come the ma­jor­ity five, and school taxes go up – to pay for the union po­si­tion on the fol­low­ing ma­jor is­sues our Board must work on the next six months. We have an ex­pired Teacher Con­tract, an ex­pired Sup­port Pro­fes­sion­als Con­tract, and out­sourc­ing is­sues for the bus ser­vice, and out­sourc­ing is­sues for the clean­ing and main­te­nance staff. Big money is in­volved.

It has been re­ported that cirst Stu­dent has submitted a bid on the bus­ing mat­ter that would save over $3.4 Mil­lion dol­lars over five years; and that GCA Ser­vices Group has submitted a bid for clean­ing ser­vices that would pro­duce a five year sav­ings of some $2.933 Mil­lion dol­lars. This is big money sav­ings that must be stud­ied. We also un­der­stand that the fine school district of Coun­cil Rock has gone to cirst Stu­dent, and that is pro­ceed­ing sat­is­fac­to­rily.

And we re­mind ev­ery­one that just two years ago Penns­bury lost close to $4 Mil­lion dol­lars in yearly PA state fund­ing that we had al­ways counted on. Now, those yearly funds are gone.

We need Tax­Payer ori­ented EWhat’s Best for the Stu­dent) School Board mem­bers mak­ing our de­ci­sions for us; not EMoney is No Ob­ject) School Board mem­bers backed by the rnion.

Bruce Lloyd iower Makefield

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