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On the story about the New­town Town­ship Su­per­vi­sors reach­ing out to the de­vel­oper to scrap his mo­bile home park plans, Nl­cam­pan­elli wroteW

“I think this is a disgrace! Have you any idea the peo­ple who can’t af­ford th­ese jc­jan­sions and such an ex­pen­sive life­style in this area? Have any of those with S-fig­ure in­comes ever SbbN to­day’s beau­ti­ful mo­bile homes? They are NOT the ‘trail­ers’ of decades ago. They’re gor­geous; many more beau­ti­ful than some built homes. Those who put them down and think their prop­erty value will go down, have no idea what they are tlak­ing about. Get the facts be­fore putting them down. vou’re think­ing of old old trailer parks that have been around for­ever. vou have no com­pa­sion for those who don’t have vOrR in­come but want a nice home.”

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