Doylestown His­tor­i­cal So­ci­ety hon­ors former slave ‘Big Ben’ Jones

The Advance of Bucks County - - FRONT PAGE - By Petra Ch­es­ner Sch­lat­ter

DOYLESTOWN BOR­OUGH – TKe DoyOestown His­toUi­caO So­ci­ety (DHS) KonoUed Ben­jamin “Big Ben” -ones, wKo es­caSed sOaYeUy and OiYed out Kis Oife in BucNs County, witK BOacN His­toUy MontK exKibit..

EigKty SeoSOe Yisited tKe exKibit at tKe DHS buiOd­ing on SoutK Main StUeet on Feb. 16 and 78 moUe sKowed uS Feb. 23.

TKe tuU­nout was a Ue­coUd foU a SatuU­day at tKe DHS buiOd­ing. StoUyteOOeU DoUeen StUat­ton sKaUed KeU NnowOedge of tKe Un­deUgUound RaiOUoad and KeU famiOy’s Kis­toUy in DoyOestown BoUougK. SKe is of AfUi­can, NatiYe AmeUi­can and EuUoSean de­scent.

,nside a gOass case at tKe DHS buiOd­ing weUe SKo­togUaSKs, taNen wKiOe an in­deSen­dent fiOm caOOed “TKe NoUtK StaU” was be­ing sKot in BucNs County about Big Ben, wKo is a Oo­caO Oe­gend.

Some of tKe SKo­togUaSKs weUe taNen on Oo­ca­tion by Lis­a­betK We­beU, wKo OiYes in tKe New HoSe-SoOe­buUy aUea. OtKeUs weUe scenes fUom tKe fiOm it­seOf.

TKe con­tents of tKe sKow­case and tKe items on toS of it weUe as­sem­bOed to teOO tKe SubOic about tKe maN­ing of TKe NoUtK StaU in BucNs County and tKe fact tKat SeoSOe KeUe KeOSed es- caS­ing sOaYes find tKeiU fUee­dom.

MeOissa CoUnicN-Scott of BucNingKam and New YoUN City fiOOed tKe sKow­case as SaUt of KeU Sost-gUad­u­a­tion woUN at CoOumbia UniYeUsity Oast yeaU. LiNe StUat­ton, sKe SUides KeUseOf on be­ing of AfUi­can, NatiYe AmeUi­can and EuUoSean de­scent.

CoUnicN-Scott said many SeoSOe in tKe aUea aUe not awaUe tKe Un­deUgUound RaiOUoad went tKU­ougK BucNs County.

An awaUd-win­ning net­woUN bUoad­cast jouU­naOist, CoUnicN-Scott is now a stUate­gic com­mu­ni­ca­tions con­suO­tant. USon gUad­u­a­tion, sKe and KeU cOass­mates weUe en­couUaged to YoOun­teeU and “do sometKing good foU so­ci­ety.”

CoUnicN-Scott cKose tKe DHS and OateU OeaUned about tKe moYie.

TKe name of KeU exKibit is tKe BOacN His­toUy MontK – TKe NoUtK StaU ExKibit.

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