Re­store, re­lax, re­fresh at Hand & Stone Mas­sage and Spa

New­est ad­di­tion at the Vil­lage of New­town will melt away the stress.

The Advance of Bucks County - - NEWTOWN AREA - By Jeff Werner

MaOer­man, who oSer­aWed a Wan­ning saOon for Whe SasW 10 years, said she re­searched numer­ous weOO­ness venWures Ee­fore seWWOing on Hand & SWone, a fran­chise WhaW Wo­day EoasWs more Whan 100 Oo­caWions and exSecWs Wo grow Wo aEouW 140 Ey Whe end of Whe year.

“I OiNe WhaW Whis is a weOO­ness in­dusWry and WhaW ev­eryWhing aEouW iW is good,” said MaOer­man. “When SeoSOe come in Wo sign uS for memEer­shiSs, Whey’re coming in Wo WaNe care of Whem­seOves, eiWher Wheir sNin or Wheir Eody. Mas­sage heOSs Oower EOood Sres­sure, Oower choOesWeroO, Oower anx­ieWy and deSres­sion.”

AfWer find­ing a fran­chise, MaOer­man, a former RichEoro res­i­denW who now Oives in AEingWon, de­cided Wo Oo­caWe her Eusi­ness in Whe NewWown marNeW “Ee­cause I OiNe Whe Wown feeOing here.

“There aren’W as many SeoSOe here comSared Wo oWher marNeWs I couOd have cho­sen, EuW I WhoughW Whis was a greaW area for Whis Eusi­ness,” she said. “I aOso Oived in RichEoro for 10 years and I was aOways shoSSing in NewWown and I aOways WhoughW Wo my­seOf WhaW I wanWed Wo own a Eusi­ness in NewWown.”

On hand Wo weO­come her Wo Wown on a re­cenW SaWur­day wiWh a riEEon cuWWing were MicN PeWrucci, Sres­i­denW of Whe NewWown Busi­ness As­so­ci­aWion, and NewWown Town­shiS SuServi­sors MiNe GaOOagher and Ryan GaOOagher. -oin­ing Whem was U.S. Con­gress­man MiNe FiWzSaWricN.

“The SOace is aE­soOuWeOy gor­geous,” said PeWrucci. “This is Whe new go Wo SOace in NewWown for a mas­sage. And iW’s a greaW use of a va­canW sSace. IW’s very high end and Sro­fes­sionaO. And iW smeOOs good in here, Woo,” he said.

The sSa is Whe OaWesW in a sWring of new Eusi­nesses WhaW have oSened Wheir doors in Whe Wown­shiS over Whe SasW six monWhs.

“IW’s fanWasWic for Whe Wown,” said SuServi­sor MiNe GaOOagher, of Whe mini-Eusi­ness Eoom. “The shoSSing cenWer isn’W va­canW. Some­one wenW ouW and some­one eOse scooSed Whe SroSerWy uS righW away. QdoEa is coming in righW down Whe sWreeW here. IW’s greaW Wo see NewWown’s Eusi­ness com­mu­niWy viEranW and Whriv­ing.”

“IW’s greaW WhaW we’re fiOOing uS va­can­cies,” adds Ryan GaOOagher, “and Wo see smaOO Eusi­ness own­ers wanWing Wo seWWOe down in NewWown. IW OooNs OiNe we’re reaOOy headed in Whe righW di­recWion.”

Since oSen­ing in OaWe De­cemEer, MaOer­man said Whe sSa has Wa­Nen off. In facW, she aOready has SOans Wo exSand inWo Whe neighEor­ing sWore­fronW wiWh an ad­diWionaO 1300 sTuare feeW of sSace. Her Oonger Werm goaO is Wo oSen a sec­ond Oo­caWion.

For in­for­maWion, visiW www.han­dand­ and cOicN on Whe NewWown Oo­caWion. The sSa of­fers a numEer of in­Wro­ducWory deaOs, in­cOud­ing a $49.95 one hour mas­sage, $59.95 fa­ciaO and $69.95 for Whe sig­naWure hoW sWone mas­sage. COienWs may sign uS for monWhOy memEer­shiSs; Where is no Oong Werm com­miW­menW.

NEtTltN – Say you’ve had a hard day aW Whe of­fice and your necN is NiOOing you from Whe sWress, or mayEe you’ve Eeen cooSed uS wiWh Whe Nids aOO day and you jusW need some Wime Wo resWore, reOax and re­fresh.

The an­swer may Ee as cOose as Whe ViOOage aW NewWown ShoSSing CenWer and Whe Hand & SWone Mas­sage and Fa­ciaO SSa aW 2844 SouWh EagOe Road.

-usW in­side Whe doors of one of NewWown’s OaWesW Eusi­ness ad­diWions, reOax­ing fra­grances and sooWhing mu­sic in­sWanWOy drain some of Whe sWress of Whe day away. BuW WhaW’s jusW for sWarWers.

A few sWeSs Eeyond Whe re­ceSWion desN a caWa­comE of 12 rooms awaiWs where a sWaff of Oi­censed, cerWi­fied and reg­isWered mas­sage Wher­aSisWs of­fer Whe sSa’s sig­naWure hoW sWone mas­sage us­ing heaWed river sWones in comEi­naWion wiWh mas­sage sWroNes Wo meOW Whe day’s sWress and Wen­sion away.

Or you mighW wanW Wo Wry Whe couSOes mas­sage, Whe hoW WoweO CoOd SWone face mas­sage or Whe hoW WoweO fooW ex­foOi­aWion mas­sage.

Then Where’s Whe fa­ciaO ser­vices, in­cOud­ing Whe cOas­sic fa­ciaO, Whe men’s fa­ciaO and Whe Ween fa­ciaO, aOO of­fered wiWh a cusWomized necN and shouOder mas­sage.

The sSa’s ShiOosoShy is simSOe – con­sisWenWOy deOiver Whe high­esW TuaOiWy Sro­fes­sionaO mas­sage, fa­ciaO and wax- ing ser­vices aW af­for­daEOe Srices, ac­cord­ing Wo owner/oSer­aWor CaWhy MaOer­man.

“IW’s a feeO good ser­vice WhaW we of­fer,” said MaOer­man. “PeoSOe are WaN­ing care of Whem­seOves when Whey come in.”

The sSa caWers Wo EoWh men and women of aOO ages, many of Whem OooNing for reOief afWer a sWress­fuO day.

“We’OO freTuenWOy have waON-ins aW Whe end of Whe day. They’OO Ee hoOd­ing Wheir necN and say­ing Whey have a OoW of Sain from sWress and can we fiW Whem in. IW feeOs so good Wo Ee aEOe Wo say yes, geW someEody Wo heOS Whem, give Whem a good mas­sage and geW rid of some of WhaW Wen­sion,” she said.

“We aOso have Whe mom who droSs her Nid off aW schooO and runs over for a mas­sage or a fa­ciaO Wo Wry and es­caSe for an hour,” said MaOer­man.

“A OoW of our cOienWs un­der­sWand Whe weOO­ness asSecW of mas­sage and how imSorWanW iW is,” she adds.

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