Should the U.S. Gov’t send weapons to the Syr­ian rebels?

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Zoe Levin­son Hamil­ton, N.J. I am a very peace­ful per­son. I don’t agree with any weapons. I be­lieve in gun con­trol laws. Holly Brooks

Bear, Del. Yes, be­cause the rebels are be­ing as­saulted and don’t have the equip­ment to stand up for them­selves. Ginger Monarch

Pineville If all the ex­perts think we should, I trust their judg­ment. John Fox Pineville I think we should send weapons there if we think strate­gic ad­van­tage could be gained for the United States.

Ja­son Waryga New­town Town­ship No, be­cause those peo­ple we are send­ing weapons to are Al-Qaeda sym­pa­thiz­ers. It is the same as the U.S. govern­ment fund­ing Al-Qaeda.

Michael Gehrsitz Wash­ing­ton Cross­ing Yes, be­cause half of our job in for­eign pol­icy is to set a prece­dence for other na­tions. That’s the whole thing we were do­ing with The Mar­shall Plan back in the Cold War.

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