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The fol­low­ing in­for­ma­tion is pro­vided by the Bris­tol Bor­ough

Po­lice Depart­ment

Thurs­day, June 13

AoobpT – At 9W55 p.m., on mond and iafayette streets, po­lice ar­rested jar­cel­lus tood­lyn, ON, of Bris­tol, for pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled sub­stance and pos­ses­sion of drug para­pher­na­lia. ee will be sum­moned to court.

CfTATflk – At 6W54 p.m., at tal­mart, NMM Com­merce Cir­cle, po­lice cited ia­toia Daugh­try, OU, of Bris­tol for dis­or­derly con­duct.

CfTATflkp - At UW45 p.m., at Com­merce Cir­cle, po­lice cited mamela mavlak, 5P, and heith iios, 4P, both of Bris­tol, for pub­lic drunk­en­ness. iios was also cited for open con­tainer.

CfTATflk – At OW5P a.m., on the PMM block of iin­coln Ave., po­lice cited Daavid tec­ck­erly, P5 of Far­ragut Ave., Bris­tol, for dis­or­derly con­duct.

Te­bFT – At TWM5 a.m., on the UMM block of dar­den ptreet, a purse was stolen from a train plat­form. salue is un­known.

Te­bFT – At 4W59 p.m., on the NNMM block of oad­cliffe ptreet, po­lice dis­cov­ered that some­time overnight, un­known ac­torEsF re­moved mA li­cense plate eus-99T4 from a N996 Chevro­let jonte Carlo.

Fri­day, June 14

Te­bFT – At 4WOM a.m., on mine­drove ptreet, un­known ac­torEsF re­moved A4MM in change, a blue back­pack, a darmin dmp unit, a black Dis­ney wind­breaker, as­sorted Crafts­man tools and a white bag with red star national label from a ve­hi­cle.

AoobpT – At NWPM a.m., at mond and jar­ket streets, po­lice ar­rested ha­reem Bax­ter, O5, for pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled sub­stance with in­tent to de­liver, pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled sub­stance and pos­ses­sion of drug para­pher­na­lia. ee was ar­raigned and sent to prison in lieu of AO5,MMM bailLNM per­cent.

Te­bFT – At NNW5M p.m., at the OPM Com­merce Cir­cle park­ing lot, un­known ac­torEsF stole both side view mir­rors from a OMMP Dodge Du­rango.

CfTATflk – At PWM4 p.m., on the 5MM block of Bath ptreet, po­lice cited two ju­ve­niles, ages NP and N4, for dis­or­derly con­duct.

Satur­day, June 15

Te­bFT Folj sbe­fCib – At TWNU a.m., on the PMM block of iafayette ptreet, un­known ac­torEsF stole chance from a con­sole of a ve­hi­cle.

Te­bFT – At NNWOO a.m., on the 9MM block of jan­sion ptreet, un­known ac­torEsF stole a yel­low gold en­gage­ment and wed­ding ring set with di­a­monds, a mend’s wed­ding band, gold and titanium, a set of hoop ear­rings, yel­low gold with di­a­monds, a bracelet, tri gold from a res­i­dence. salue of all items is AU,MMM.

Mon­day, June 17

CfTATflk – At 9 p.m., in the jill ptreet park­ing lot, po­lice cited Christopher menn, O6, of mhiladel­phia and Juan bscalona, ff, of Bris­tol Town­ship, for dis­or­derly con­duct.

CfTATflk – At NWP5 a.m., at Canal and Dor­rance streets, po­lice cited two ju­ve­niles, both N4, for cur­few vi­o­la­tion.

Te­bFT Folj ArTl - – pome­time be­tween T p.m. June NM – 9 a.m. June NN, un­known ac­torEsF en­tered a OMMM Jeep parked on eale ooad and re­moved a duardian An­gel medal­lion. Ap­prox­i­mate value of theft, AOM.

Wed­nes­day, June 12

obTAfi Te­bFT – ln NW54 p.m., po­lice ar­rested hath­leen jarks, 6N, of mhiladel­phia, for re­tail theft of A4OU worth of mer­chan­dise.

Thurs­day, June 13

il­fTbofkd AkD moltifkd AT kfdeT – At NOW44 a.m., on nu­aker eill ooad, po­lice ar­rested Jef­frey J. Fisher, ON, Bris­tol, for loi­ter­ing, prowl­ing at night, crim­i­nal tres­pass, dis­or­derly con­duct and pub­lic drunk­en­ness.

obTAfi Te­bFT – At PWO6 p.m., at h jart, po­lice ar­rested Casi­lyn C. Brof­man, PN, of ievit­town, for re­tail theft of ANP4.PU worth of mer­chan­dise.

Te­bFT BY DbCb­mTflk – At 6WM4 p.m., at jacy’s lx­ford sal­ley jall, po­lice ar­rested heith T. Dod­son, OM, of mhiladel­phia for theft by de­cep­tion.

Te­bFT – pome­time overnight, un­known ac­torEsF en­tered a ve­hi­cle parked on rnity Turn and re­moved a wallet con­tain­ing per­sonal pa­pers and A6 in cash.

Te­bFT – pome­time over the pre­vi­ous two weeks, un­known ac­torEsF stole two saws from a back­yard shed on Field­stone ooad. salue, AOMM.

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