Pitch­ing, de­fense keeps Yard­ley-mor­risville on a roll

The Advance of Bucks County - - SPORTS - By Steve Sher­man

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Yard­ley-Mor­risville is con­tin­u­ing its re­cent roll in the Lower Bucks Amer­i­can Le­gion League (LBALL). In­clud­ing re­cent wins over New­town Post 440 and Bris­tol Post 382, Yard­leyMor­risville has now won seven league games in a row, and eight straight, over­all.

On Wed­nes­day evening, June 19 at Jay Dun­lap Me­mo­rial Field, the team reg­is­tered its lat­est tri­umph, a 3-1 vic­tory over Lower Southamp­ton. Yard­leyMor­risville jumped on Mar­lins starter Matt Ken­zil right DwDy LQ WKH WRS RI WKH fiUsW, tag­ging the Ne­shaminy ju­nior for two runs.

Af­ter lead­off hit­ter Kyle Mar­shall reached as a hit bats­man, Ryan Sheaf­fer and Jack Seib­ert loaded the sacks with back-to-back sLQJOHs WR OHIW fiHOG. 0DUshall then scored on a balk and Sheaf­fer came home on D sDF-fly Ey -HII 7DOOPDQ.

Y-M padded its edge in WKH fiIWK RQ D sLQJOH Ey 7DOO­man and an RBI dou­ble by Leo Her­nan­dez. LoSo scored its only run in the game in the sev­enth. Starter Jake Gold­berg reg­is­tered a com­plete game win on the hill for Yard­ley, giv­ing up four hits and two walks while strik­ing out seven. Ken­zil sur­ren­dered three runs on seven hits while strik­ing out four and walk­ing none in seven in­nings of work.

As has been the case of late, Y-M won yet an­other low-scor­ing af­fair.

“We have been get­ting great pitch­ing all sea­son and now our de­fense is start- ing to come to­gether and that’s keep­ing us in games,” said Y-M head coach Mike De­cem­brino. “While we haven’t hit as well as we’d like to, we’ve had some key hits in cer­tain sit­u­a­tions.

“Be­cause of the pitch­ing and the de­fense, we’ve been able to hold on in some of th­ese low-scor­ing games.”

In a re­cent 1-0 win over New­town June 14 at Coun­cil Rock North, sec­ond base­man Ben De­cem­brino pushed home the game’s only run when he slapped D JURuQGHU WR fiUsW EDsH WKDW could not be han­dled by the 1HwWRwQ LQ­fiHOGHU.

De­cem­brino’s RBI scored Steve Sa­batino from third base for the game-win­ner while left­hander Joe Sa­batino recorded the pitch­ing win, lim­it­ing Post 440 to just two hits. Tyler Scheuer took the loss for New­town.

Dan Kleish reg­is­tered the pitch­ing win in a 2-1 vic­tory over Bris­tol June 17 at Tru­man. In a score­less game in the sev­enth in­ning, Steve Sa­batino pushed home the fiUsW UuQ LQ WKH JDPH wLWK a sui­cide squeeze bunt that scored Jack Seib­ert from third base. Jake Gold­berg came home with the win­ning tally on an er­ror com­mit­ted by Post 382.

Against de­fend­ing league cham­pion Bris­tol, Yard­ley took both ends of a dou­ble­header with Post 382, win­ning 1-0 and 5-1.

,Q WKH fiUsW HQG RI WKH WwLQ bill which took place June 9 at Cairn Univer­sity, the duel re­mained score­less un­til the sixth in­ning when Sam Paglione came through with a bunt for a base hit. Bris­tol then walked a bat­ter

then booted a ball slapped tKrRuJK tKH Ln­fiHOd, HnDbOLnJ Paglione to cross the plate with the game’s only run.

Kleish reg­is­tered the win in the sec­ond half of the dRubOHKHDdHr, D 5-1 YLFtRry tKDt IDYRrHd tKH tHDP from Yard­ley. Ac­cord­ing to DDn, BrLstRO DOwDys Sut uS D fiJKt.

“TwR yHDrs DJR, tKHy wRn tKHn ODst yHDr, tKHy wHrH Ln last place for a while then they come back out of nowhere in play­offs and won.”

AJDLnst FDOOs, YDrdOHy KDs HDrnHd Dn 8-8 tLH tKus IDr wKLOH suIIHrLnJ D 3-2 ORst tR Post 834.

“Falls is al­ways a bat­tle – tKDt’s DOwDys D Iun JDPH,” sDLd .OHLsK, D rHFHnt 3Hnns­bury grad who has at­tended classes with many of the Dirt­bags. “They don’t lose YHry PDny SHRSOH; tKHy’YH been the same team for a IHw yHDrs nRw sR tKHy KDYH good chem­istry and al­ways turn out to play good base­ball.”

OI FRursH, tKH tHDP tR beat thus far it seems is YDrdOHy 3Rst 317. DurLnJ tKH KLJK sFKRRO sHDsRn, NHsKDPLny tRRk tKH SOL ND­tional Con­fer­ence by storm wLtK D 13-1 rHFRrd tKLs spring and it looks like Post 317 KDs SLFkHd uS wKHrH tKH Red­skins left off. As of June 20, WHstHrn Ls 10-1 RYHrDOO Dnd 8-1 Ln LBALL SODy.

SDLd .OHLsK: “TKHy KDYH Justin An­drews – who is a YHry, YHry JRRd SODyHr Dnd Cole Creighton and some other kids who al­ways come ready to play.”

MuFK RI YDrdOHy-MRr­rLsYLOOH’s suFFHss tKLs sHDsRn can be at­trib­uted to an in­flux RI tDOHnt IrRP tKH 2012 Y-M JunLRr LHJLRn tHDP that went to re­gion­als and won last year.

WKLOH tKH JunLRr tHDP took open­ing games against BRyHrtRwn, BHr­wLFk Dnd CHn­trDO YRrk, Lt ORst Dn Hn­su­ing bat­tle with Lower Ma­cungie. Fac­ing elim­i­natLRn, tKH bRys Ln bOuH wRn 6-5 Dnd 11-4 tR rHDFK stDtHs.

In tKH first wLn RYHr LRwHr MDF, YDrdOHy DF­tuDOOy trDLOHd Lts RSSRnHnt 5-0 bH­fore dead­lock­ing the score Dt 5-DOO Dnd wLn­nLnJ tKH JDPH Rn Dn RBI dRubOH by Seib­ert.

TrDLOLnJ LRwHr MDF 4-0 Ln tKH finDO, YDrdOHy rHbRundHd with two runs in the fourth Dnd twR PRrH Ln tKH sHYenth to send the game into Hx­trD Ln­nLnJs. TKH kHy KLt that dead­locked the score Dt 4-DOO wDs D twR-run dRu­ble by Ryan Sheaf­fer. The BuFks bRys HxSORdHd wLtK sHYHn runs Ln tKH tRS RI tKH eight to win go­ing away.

“All of our wins at re­gion- DOs HxFHSt RnH wHrH FRPHIrRP-bHKLnd JDPHs,” stDtHd Sheaf­fer in a re­cent in­terYLHw. “TKDt Must sKRws tKDt wH dRn’t JLYH uS. WH KDYH JRRd FKHPLstry Dnd bHOLHYH in each other.

Step­ping up on the hill last sea­son for in Ju­nior Le­gion were Curt Staropoli Dnd An­drHw GLObHrt, wKR reg­is­tered a com­plete game wLn YHr­sus LRwHr MDFunJLH. SHLbHrt Dnd StHYH SD­batino came through with sRPH bLJ Dt-bDts.

“EYHryRnH KDs D rROH KHrH Dnd wH KDYH FRn­fidHnFH tKDt HYHryRnH Ls JRLnJ tR dR their part.”

By nRw, IROks SrRbDbOy for­get that Yard­ley had to wLn sLx RI Lts ODst sHYHn Must tR JHt LntR tKH LRwHr BuFks Jr. Le­gion play­offs and take a pair of games from HDt­bRrR-HRrsKDP tR HDrn D sSRt Ln tKH BRyHrtRwn RH­gional Tour­na­ment.

Photo by Teri Seib­ert

Yard­ley-Mor­risville bat­ter Ben De­cem­brino gets out of the bat­ter’s box in a re­cent win over Bris­tol. With a 3-1 tri­umph over Lower Southamp­ton, Y-M has now won seven straight in Lower Bucks Le­gion play.

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