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Town­ship Po­lice Depart­ment

Thurs­day, June 20

THEFT – On the 1000 block of EdgewRRG 5RaG aW WhH /RwHr 0aNH­fiHOG 7Rwn­ship Pool, re­ported at 9:05 p.m. Com­plainant re­ports un­known per­son(s) re­moved an iPhone from a back­pack while at the bas­ket­ball court. Ap­prox­i­mate value is $400.

Wed­nes­day, June 19

THEFT – On the 1700 block of Make­fiHOG 5RaG, rHpRrWHG aW 1:46 p.P. CRP­plainant re­ports let­ting a male into the res­i­dence who then stole a purse while she was distracted. Ap­prox­i­mate value is $240.

Tues­day, June 18

MO­TOR VE­HI­CLE THEFT – On the 1600 EORFN RI S. CrHVFHnW BRuOH­varG, rHpRrWHG aW 6:30 a.P. CRPpOaL­nanW rHpRrWV some­time overnight, un­known per­son(s) en­tered the un­locked ve­hi­cle and re­moved keys to two ve­hi­cles and stole them from WhH GrLvHway. BRWh vHhLFOHV wHrH OaWHr rH­cov­ered in Tren­ton, N.J.

THEFT FROM VE­HI­CLE – On the unit block of N. Home­stead Road, re­ported at 9:07 a.m. Com­plainant re­ports some­time overnight, un­known per­son(s) en­tered the un­locked ve­hi­cles and re­moved two lap­top com­put­ers. Ap­prox­i­mate value is $1,250. One lap­top was re­cov­ered at the mo­tor ve­hi­cle theft scene and re­turned to the owner.

THEFT FROM VE­HI­CLE – On the unit EORFN RI S. HRPHVWHaG DrLvH, rHpRrWHG aW 6:30 p.P. CRPpOaL­nanW rHpRrWV VRPHWLPH overnight, un­known per­son(s) en­tered the ve­hi­cle and re­moved loose change and the owner’s man­ual.

Mon­day, June 17

THEFT – On the 200 block of Ox­ford 9aOOHy 5RaG, rHpRrWHG aW 1:30 p.P. CRP­plainant re­ports theft of pull-down stairs some­time over the week­end. Ap­prox­i­mate value is $225.

5(7$,/ 7H()7 – 2n WhH 1600 EORFN RI BLJ 2aN 5RaG aW .RhO’V, rHpRrWHG aW 2:49 p.m. Loss Preven­tion ob­served a fe­male con­ceal $280 worth of mer­chan­dise and exit the store with­out pay­ing. When the sus­pect was con­fronted, she ran. Loss Preven­tion was able to get the li­cense plate num­ber for po­lice. Fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tion OHG WR WhH ar­rHVW RI WhH 37-yHar-ROG IHPaOH from Le­vit­town for re­tail theft.

Sun­day, June 16

THEFT FROM VE­HI­CLE – On the 1700 EORFN RI 1. DRvH 5RaG, rHpRrWHG aW 7:50 p.m. Com­plainant re­ports that some­time overnight, un­known per­son(s) en­tered the un­locked ve­hi­cle and re­moved $180, an LPRG, LPaG anG a DHOO OapWRp. $pprRxLPaWH vaOuH LV $1,630.

Satur­day, June 15

THEFT FROM VE­HI­CLE/RE­CEIV­ING S72/(1 P52P(57Y $55(S7 – 2n WhH 1200 EORFN RI YarGOHy 5RaG, rHpRrWHG aW 6 a.m. Com­plainant re­ports see­ing a sus­pi­cious male wear­ing brown cloth­ing en­ter a car at the lo­ca­tion. Af­ter bang­ing on the wLnGRw, WhH VuVpHFW flHG WhH VFHnH. PROLFH lo­cated a sus­pect match­ing the de­scrip­tion Rn YarGOHy 5RaG aW (IfinJhaP 5RaG. 7hH 53-yHar-ROG PaOH IrRP 7rHnWRn, 1.-. waV Ln pRVVHVVLRn RI WwR GPS unLWV anG ORRVH change, both of which have been re­ported stolen from the area. He was taken into poOLFH FuVWRGy, ar­raLJnHG Ey DLVWrLFW -uVWLFH )aOFRnH anG VHnW WR BuFNV CRunWy PrLVRn Ln lieu of 10 per­cent of $70,000 bail.

7H()7 )520 9(H,C/( – 2n WhH 1300 EORFN RI BuIRrG DrLvH, rHpRrWHG aW 11:18 a.P. CRPpOaL­nanW rHpRrWV WhHIW RI fivH checks to­tal­ing $9,170.

Fri­day, June 14

C5(D,7 C$5D )5$8D – 2n WhH 2200 EORFN RI YarGOHy 5RaG, rHpRrWHG aW 1:51 p.m. Com­plainant re­ports unau­tho­rized use of a credit card val­ued at $ 15,542.94.

Satur­day, June 15

$55(S7 - 5LFharG 5. ChaPEHrOLn -r., RI BanN SWrHHW, waV ar­rHVWHG Rn a war­ranW and taken into cus­tody on the 700 block of S. PHn­nVyO­vanLa $vHnuH Rn -unH 15 aW 6:52 p.P. HH waV WranVpRrWHG WR BuFNV CRunWy PrLVRn Ey WhH ShHrLII’V 2IfiFH.

Tues­day, June 18

C,7$7,21 - -aFN :aOOaFH, RI S. DHO­morr Av­enue, was cited for bor­ough or­di­nance, be­ing on county prop­erty af­ter dark. The in­ci­dent oc­curred on E. Cleve­land Av­enue on June 18 at 12:57 a.m.

CI­TA­TION - Eric Wil­cox, of Har­ri­son Av­enue, was cited for bor­ough or­di­nance, be­ing on county prop­erty af­ter dark. The in­ci­dent oc­curred on E. Cleve­land Av­enue on June 18 at 12:57 a.m.

Thurs­day, June 20

THEFT - Re­port of a cat­alytic con­verter stolen from a ve­hi­cle parked in a lot on the 100 block of E. Tren­ton Av­enue on June 20 at 9:50 a.m.

THEFT - Re­port of a heavy duty parkVWyOH RuWGRRr JrLOO VWROHn IrRP POaza BRuOH­varG Rn -unH 20 aW 1:16 p.P.

Fri­day, June 21

$55(S7 - 5aVhan /. 0F1HLO, RI )HOO SWrHHW, 7rHnWRn, 1.-., waV ar­rHVWHG IRr IaOVH ,D WR pROLFH, prRhLELWHG aFWV RI pRVVHVVLRn of con­trolled sub­stance. The in­ci­dent oc­curred on the 100 block of E. Tren­ton Av­enue on June 21 at 12:11 p.m. overnight, un­known ac­tor(s) spray painted BHOO BrLGaO, Rn PRnG SWrHHW, anG BrLVWRO )uHO, Rn BaWh SWrHHW. 9aOuH RI WhH GaPaJH is un­known.

Mon­day, June 17

C5,0,1$/ 0,SCH,() – $W 7:46 a.P., Rn /aIayHWWH SWrHHW, pROLFH GLVFRvHrHG WwR glass panels of a door bro­ken.

Tues­day, June 18

THEFT – At 4 p.m., on Wal­mart, 100 CRPPHrFH CLrFOH, pROLFH ar­rHVWHG DavLG (. (OGrLGJH, 39, RI DaNRWa 7raLO, BrRwnV Mills, NJ, for theft by de­cep­tion and re­ceiv­ing stolen prop­erty. He was re­leased on $40,000 un­se­cured bail.

Fri­day, June 21

7H()7 – $W 12:46 p.P., Rn WhH 200 EORFN RI HayHV SWrHHW, unNnRwn aFWRr(V) VWROH a 1997 )RrG S89, pOaWH nuPEHr -DB-5262. No value given.

$55(S7 – $W 2:08 p.P., Rn WhH 500 EORFN RI BaWh SWrHHW, pROLFH ar­rHVWHG /aShanGa GaWHV, 32, RI CHGar SWrHHW, Rn charges stem­ming from a March 19 in­ciGHnW. ShH LV FharJHG wLWh rREEHry, VLPpOH as­sault, dis­or­derly con­duct, false re­ports to law en­force­ment and re­ceiv­ing stolen prRpHrWy. ShH waV rHOHaVHG Rn $40,000 un­se­cured bail.

Satur­day, June 22

$55(S7 – $W 11:12 p.P., Rn WhH 600 EORFN RI SpruFH SWrHHW, pROLFH ar­rHVWHG DRuJOaV SnHOOLnJ, 26, RI )RVWHr $vHnuH Cir­cle, for ag­gra­vated as­sault, sim­ple as­sault, re­sist­ing ar­rest and dis­or­derly conGuFW. HH waV VHnW WR BuFNV CRunWy PrLVRn in lieu of $20,000 bail.

Sun­day, June 23

THEFT - At 11:28 a.m. at Ni­a­gra Pools, 200 BrLVWRO PLNH, pROLFH GLVFRvHrHG WhaW some­time overnight, un­known ac­tor(s) VWROH WwR hRuVH pRRO puPpV, RnH fiOWHr, RnH 150-pound con­tainer of pool chem­i­cals and one pool cleaner.

C5,0,1$/ 0,SCH,() – $W 10:29 a.P., po­lice dis­cov­ered that some­time overnight, unNnRwn aFWRr(V) VWruFN WhH PHWaO finV to the air conditioning win­dow unit on a house on the 200 block of Wil­son Ave.

C,7$7,21 – $W 11 p.P., aW WhH SunRFR Rn BaWh SWrHHW anG 5RuWH 13, pROLFH FLWHG 0arLH :aWHrV, 34, RI -HIIHrVRn SWrHHW, IRr dis­or­derly con­duct.

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