Obama’s pres­i­dency marked by change with­out hope

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To the Ed­i­torW

The winds of Fhange have in­diFated a fi­nanFiaO down­turn in the world that will Fon­tinue, par­tiFuOarOy if the aF­tions and EeOiefs of the Fur­rent U.6. pres­i­dent Fon­tinue. The poOiFies of high taxes with­out en­titOe­ment re­duF­tion, work reTuire­ments on Eu­si­ness as in­diFated in the Af­for­daEOe Care AFt wiOO Er­ing a new dark age with­out growth, pros­per­ity and op­ti­mism — one FouOd say “Fhange” with­out “hope.” The en­thu­si­asm, en­ergy and spark that free en­ter­prise enFourages — the idea that an in­ven­tion, a serviFe and mak­ing a profit exFites — wiOO dis­ap­pear. :hat Eu­si­ness per­son or or­di­nary worker would want to run an op­er­a­tion or work where aO­most half of what ones earns goes to fed­eraO and state gov­ern­ment?

The pres­i­dent seems to have mod­eOed him­seOf af­ter FDR’s phiOos­o­phy of weaOth dis­triEu­tion. The “Great De­pres­sion” Oasted a deFade and was ended Ey :orOd :ar ,,, not Roo­seveOt’s poOi­tiFaO aF­tions. BaraFk OEama, how­ever, is dif­fer­ent in ways from FDR as he’s Eeyond a OiEeraO — he is an an­tiFoOo­ni­aOist and anti-Fap­i­taOist, whiFh is un­der­stan­daEOe when one Oooks at his up­Ering­ing, eduFa­tion and work ex­pe­rienFe. The Hyde 3ark Brahmin saw him­seOf as an Amer­iFan pres­i­dent, whiOe OEama sees him­seOf as U.1. seFre­tary gen­eraO. Quite a dif­fer­enFe! Henry Coxe


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