Lower Gwynedd hears pro­posal for new day care cen­ter, re­tail store

The Ambler Gazette - - POLICEREPORTS - By Eric Devlin

The Lower Gwynedd Town­ship Board of Su­per­vi­sors held a con­di­tional use hear­ing to dis­cuss pro­posed con­struc­tion at a prop­erty along Bethlehem Pike at its Aug. 2U meet­ing.

Neil Stein, an at­tor­ney rep­re­sent­ing Nidus fnc. in charge of plan­ning con­struc­tion, pleaded a case for con­struc­tion of a new child day care cen­ter, lo­cated on the site of a for­mer res­i­den­tial home, and a re­tail store at U2M Bethlehem Pike in Spring House along the prop­erty of the for­mer Pike oes­tau­rant. The day care cen­ter would be lo­cated to­ward the back of the prop­erty and would in­clude an out­door play area, while the re­tail store would take over the cur­rent res­tau­rant’s build­ing, con­vert the in­te­rior and add some mi­nor re­mod­el­ing on the ex­te­rior. Nidus plans to build an in­ter­con­nec­tion be­tween the beer dis­trib­u­tor lo­cated next to the prop­erty and the Pike prop­erty it­self.

Three wit­nesses tes­ti­fied to help con­vince the board that Nidus fnc. has met all of the stan­dards re­quired by the town­ship for con­di­tional use so the de­vel­op­ment plan­ning phase could be­gin.

oobert E. Blue gr., an ex­pert in civil engi­neer­ing, ex­plained through the use of var­i­ous maps the de­sign plans that are in place and ex­plained how con­struc­tion would man­age storm wa­ter through the use of pro­posed un­der­ground pipes that would force the wa­ter off the prop­erty.

Peter La­zor, ar­chi­tect and pres­i­dent of La­zor ae­signs, de­scribed the pro­posed re­mod­el­ing of the Pike oes­tau­rant on the in­te­rior and ex­te­rior, which would in­clude a new roof. He also de­scribed in more de­tail the plans for the one-story day care cen­ter.

cinally, Eric jountz, a traf­fic plan­ning en­gi­neer from Traf­fic Plan­ning and ae­sign, tes­ti­fied about the num­ber of park­ing spa­ces re­quired. rs­ing em­pir­i­cal data from an in­dus­try park­ing gen­er­a­tion man­ual along with study­ing the park­ing pat­terns of a child day care cen­ter sim­i­lar to the one in the pro­posed plans, jountz said the pro­posed de­sign would be to in­stall PP park­ing spa­ces for the day care cen­ter for a to­tal of 1M1 spa­ces for the whole lot, in­clud­ing the re­tail store.

A de­ci­sion re­gard­ing the con­di­tional use will not come from the board un­til PM days af­ter all five board mem­bers have had a chance to look over the plans and read the tran­script from the hear­ing.

fn other busi­ness, sev­eral Pen­l­lyn res­i­dents com­plained about their trash re­moval ser­vice and were look­ing for op­tions to get a new trash re­moval provider.

Lower Gwynedd Town­ship cur­rently holds a three-year con­tract with Waste jan­age­ment for its trash re­moval ser­vice, some­thing that has re­cently caused many res­i­dents to be up in arms. oes­i­dents com­plained the cost to pay for the trash re­moval is too high and said they should be able to pay in­di­vid­u­ally for their own trash col­lec­tion com­pany.

The con­tract with Waste jan­age­ment will end in the fall of 2M1P, said Larry Com­mu­nale, town­ship man­ager, with gim Garrity, town­ship so­lic­i­tor, adding dis­cus­sions about hir­ing a new com­pany will be held most likely in Au­gust or Septem­ber of next year.

Garrity said the rea­son for the con­tract with one trash re­moval com­pany was to cut down on the num­ber of trucks driv­ing on the town­ship’s roads and the fact that the “great ma­jor­ity” of res­i­dents would see a much lower cost on their bill than in pre­vi­ous years.

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