Shady Grove Heroes Lunch a wel­come dis­trac­tion for lo­cal emer­gency crews

The Ambler Gazette - - POLICE REPORTS - By Eric Devlin

Since the events of Sept. 11, ev­ery year the students of Shady Grove El­e­men­tary School have shown WKHLU DSSUHFLDWLRn WR fiUsW re­spon­ders by invit­ing SROLFH, fiUH­fiJKWHUs DnG EMS work­ers to a Heroes Lunch. The day al­lows fiUsW UHsSRnGHUs WR PHHW students and sign au­to­graphs and al­lows students to thank them for their ser­vice.

This year, how­ever, Heroes Lunch meant just a lit­tle bit more.

The death of mly­mouth TRwn­sKLS 3ROLFH .-9 2Ifi­cer Brad Fox the pre­vi­ous night was on the minds RI PDny fiUsW UHsSRnGHUs, mak­ing the Sept. 14 Heroes Lunch a wel­comed dis­trac­tion.

Sgt. Joe Fen­erty, of the thit­pain Town­ship mo­lice Depart­ment, said Heroes Lunch is “what it’s all about.” Fen­erty de­scribed the mood at the depart­ment as “somber” af­ter the death of Fox, not­ing he wDs D “JRRG RI­fiFHU DnG D good friend,” and that the two po­lice de­part­ments work closely to­gether.

“Life goes on,” he said. “Un­for­tu­nately we have to continue on, [but] it’s dis­trac­tions like this that take your mind off of it.”

He said see­ing students re­mem­ber him from pre­vi­ous years is a nice feel­ing and he’s amazed at how quickly they grow up year af­ter year.

Scott Sch­wadd and Tina Cress­man, of the Sec­ond Alarmer’s Res­cue Squad, both agreed that the lun­cheon was spe­cial. They said given the events that oc­curred the pre­vi­ous day, it was nice “know­ing we’re ap­pre­ci­ated,” and it’s “re­ally re­ward­ing.”

John Clause, of Sec­ond Alarmer’s, said, “It’s al­ways good to work with the kids. hids are our fu­ture. te’ve got to do some­thing for them.” He said the past week had been a “crazy week,” given the Sept. 11 an­niver­sary and the death of Fox.

“It’s times like this that the community comes to­gether,” he said, adding that Fox was a “true hero” by “giv­ing the ul­ti­mate sDFUL­fiFH.” HH sDLG HHURHs Lunch was a “nice break from the crazi­ness of the week.”

Lt. Matt l’Brien, with the Cen­tre Square Fire Com­pany, said Heroes Lunch was fun be­cause it al­lowed him to in­ter­act with students.

“They make us cool cards and show pas­sion, it’s nice to know ev­ery­one cares,” l’Brien said.

)HOORw fiUH­fiJKWHU CDOvin merl­man said the event was “very cool” and said that the cards they re­ceive are col­lected and taped to the wall around the lounge DW WKH fiUHKRusH wKHUH WKH RWKHU fiUH­fiJKWHUs ORYH them.

TKH fiUH­fiJKWHUs sLJnHG and passed out trad­ing cards with the com­pany logo for students, who seemed to re­ally love them.

Shady Grove mrin­ci­pal Beth Bauer said the event is a hit among stuGHnWs DnG fiUsW UHsSRnGHUs alike, as each is happy to see the other. She said the event al­lows students to YLHw fiUsW UHsSRnGHUs Ds “heroes” and treat them like celebri­ties by ask­ing for au­to­graphs and giv­ing them thank you cards.

Bauer thanked Shady Grove teach­ers mat Far­rell, Mar­garet Cmiel and James Sando, who make up the com­mit­tee that does “most of the leg­work” in or­ga­niz­ing the event.

CPLHO, D fiUsW-JUDGH teacher at Shady Grove, said when they ex­plained what would hap­pen at the end of the week to stuGHnWs, LW wDs GLI­fiFuOW WR curb their en­thu­si­asm.

“The kids are be­yond ex­cited,” she said, adding ev­ery day they would ask if it was Fri­day yet so they could go to Heroes Lunch.

Cmiel said that this be­ing the 11th year of the event, the hard­est work in or­ga­niz­ing it each year is be­hind them and they have it “down to a sci­ence.”

Fourth-grade students Emma Clay­borne and Adalia Shultz both said the event was ex­cit­ing be­cause it was “cool to get an au­to­graph.”

The 9-year-olds said they both have fam­ily mem­bers Ln D fiUH GHSDUWPHnW DnG LW was “cool” to see ev­ery­one visit their school.

“The kids ap­pre­ci­ate it and I know our heroes ap­pre­ci­ate it [too],” Cmiel said.

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