Tro­jans out­last CB :esW LQ 27

The Ambler Gazette - - SPORTS - By Alexan­der Gross

For Mont­gomery Me­dia

This was a-high scor­ing af­fair that turned into one of stam­ina for both Cen­tral BuFNs :esW DQG :LssDhLFNon. The game started with the Tro­jans up 14-7 at half­time due to a su­perb ground at­tack rack­ing up 112 rushLQJ yDUGs LQ Whe fiUsW hDlI alone.

tis­sahickon quar­ter­back 5DQGy FUDQNeQ­fielG RQly WhUeZ IRU 26 yDUGs LQ Whe fiUsW half, but had one pass­ing touch­down.

C.B. :esW’s TuDUWeUbDFN Cody Riemen­schnei­der was Whe sWDU RI Whe fiUsW hDlI ZLWh 7 car­ries for 30 yards, while go­ing 7 for 15 for 69 yards and a pass­ing touch­down, buW CeQWUDl BuFNs hDG WZR fum­bles.

:hLle, Whe BuFs ZeUe Whe penalty-rid­den team in the fiUsW hDlI ZLWh 4 IRU 20 yDUGs, the Tro­jans be­came some­what penalty plagued in the sec­ond half with two hold­ing penal­ties that could have set their of­fense in a big hole.

BuW, Whe UuQQLQJ bDFN Whe coaches call “Murph,” when he breaks a big run had a big night for the Tro­jans in the ground at­tack. Dan Mur­phy had 12 rushes for 36 yards DQG D WRuFhGRZQ LQ Whe fiUsWhDlI, fiQLshLQJ WhLs eSLF RveU­time thriller with 79 hard yards on the ground.

At the end of three quar­ters, the Tro­jans held a 21-7 lead only to see it evap­o­rate in the fourth quar­ter.

7hLs QLJhW C.B. :esW NeSW play­ing the come­back kids, down 28-21 in the fourth, but scored with 5W39 left in reg­u­la­tion ty­ing it up at 2828 with a one-yard quar­ter­back sneak by Cody Riemen­schnei­der

Reg­u­la­tion came to a close with both teams tied 28-28. Start­ing from the 10-yard line, tis­sahickon struck SDy GLUW fiUsW ZLWh D JR-DheDG score mak­ing it 35-28.

BuW, CeQWUDl BuFNs ZRulG not go qui­etly into the night as they were able to tie up the ball game due to a pass in­ter­fer­ence call against :LssDhLFNRQ leDGLQJ WR fiUsW down at the three.

nuar­ter­back Cody Riemen­schnei­der ran the ball in ty­ing it up.

The sec­ond over­time con­cluded with the Tro­jans edg­ing out the vic­tory with a 14yDUG fielG JRDl IRU D 38-35 fiQDl.

The Tro­jans played like a tight unit down the stretch be­ing the more dis­ci­plined of the two teams in crunch time.

“qhe key tonight was stick­ing to­gether as a teamI and not let­ting any­thing faze usI” Wis­sahickon quar­ter­back oandy FUDnNen­fieOd sDid.

When asked if a long game like this boiled up any nervesI his an­swer was sim­ple and to the pointI “koI nR neUves in D JDme OiNe Whis. We DUe D fR­cused JURup.”

FUDnNen­fieOd Dnd Whe UesW of the team’s fo­cus will be shift­ing as they now will get ready to pre­pare for their clash with rp­per aublin nexW FUidDy niJhW.

Wis­sahickon head football coach geff Cappa com­mented on his team’s per­for­mDnce WRniJhW. “These Juys just work re­ally hard ev­ery dDy. , wRuOd cDOO Whem D veUy mRWivDWed JURup.”

When asked about next week’s matchup against rp­per aublin Coach Cappa ODuJhed, “, didn’W even sWDUW think­ing about that game yet RU JDme-pODn­ninJ fRU iW. We had to get this win tonight and now we can move for­wDUd, buW ,’m veUy pURud Rf RuU WeDm.”

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