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McIl­henny hon­ored: oichard jcfl­hen­nyI a sales as­so­ciate at the Blue BHll RI­ficH RI 5H/0Dx Ser­vicesI was re­cently ranked ko.NP out of Dll 5H/0Dx DJHnWV in South­east­ern menn­syl­va­nia based on recorded transactions for the month of guneI and ko. OO year-toGDWH WKrRuJK WKH HnG of gune.

Bob AcuffI pres­i­dent and co-founder RI 5H/0Dx 6HrYicHV in Blue BellI made the an­nounce­ment.

jcfl­henny was one RI WKH WRS 25 5H/0Dx sales as­so­ci­ates for the menn­syl­va­nia and DHlDZDrH rHJiRnV IRr WKH firVW Vix PRnWKV of OMNO and for all of OMNN.

A li­censed oeal­torI he rep­re­sents both buy­ers and sell­ersI is D liIHlRnJ rHViGHnW RI mhiladel­phia and fo­cuses on the ko­rth­west mhiladel­phia and 0RnWJRPHry CRunWy ar­eas. He is a mem­ber RI WKH 0RnWJRPHry CRunWy AVVR­ciDWiRn of oeal­torsI the menn­syl­va­nia As­so­ci­a­tion of oeal­tors and the ka­tional As­so­ci­a­tion of oeal­tors.

New as­so­ciate: Brad Guidi re­cently joined the Blue Bell RI­ficH RI LRnJ & FRVter oeal bstate fnc. as a sales as­so­ciate. ArW HHr­linJ, DVVRci- DWH ErRNHr ZiWK LRnJ & FRVWHr in BluH BHll, made the an­nounce­ment.

Guidi will be work­inJ ZiWK HHr­linJ DnG KiV WHDP, VSH­ciDl­iz­inJ in res­i­den­tial re­sale and new homes marNHWinJ WKrRuJKRuW WKH aelaware sal­ley.

A li­censed oealWRr DnG WKirG JHnHrD­tion builder at Guidi HomesI GuidiI who is in­ter­ested in archiWHcWurH DnG GHViJn, was the builder of the 3KilDGHlSKiD PDJDz­inH’V DHViJn HRPH for OMM8 and OMM9.

mrior to his real es­WDWH DnG EuilGinJ cDreerI Guidi worked in jan­hat­tan at the in­ter­na­tional ad­verWiVinJ firP 6DDWcKi & 6DDWcKi. HH iV D cuP lDuGH JrDGuDWH RI GHRrJHWRZn 8niYHrViWy’V 0cDRnRuJK School of Busi­ness ZiWK D GHJrHH in finDncH DnG PDrNHWinJ.

New agent: oe­nee Bryant re­cently MRinHG 3ruGHnWiDl FRx & 5RDcK, 5HDlWRrV BluH BHll 2IficH DV D VDlHV DVVR­ciDWH. LinGD 2VWrRZVNy, PDnDJHr RI WKH RI­ficH, PDGH WKH an­nounce­ment.

LicHnVHG VincH N99NI Bryant is an as­so­ciate bro­ker and holds the Ac­cred­ited Buyer oep­re­sen­taWiYH, CHrWi­fiHG 5HVi­den­tial Spe­cial­istI Se­nior oeal bstate Spe­cial­istI Grad­u­ateI oeal­tor fn­sti­tuteI and Ac­crHGiWHG Lux­ury Home Spe­cial­ist de­siJnDWiRnV. 6KH iV D mem­ber of the jon­tJRPHry CRunWy AVVR­ci­a­tion of oeal­tors.

Bryant was with CHnWury 21 EHIRrH MRin­inJ 3ruGHnWiDl FRx & 5RDcK.

She is an awardZin­ninJ VDlHV DJHnW and re­cently had a rHcRrG-ErHDNinJ TuDrter. She spe­cial­izes in rHlRcDWiRn DnG lux­ury home sales.

She re­sides in Worces­ter and serves 0RnWJRPHry CRunWy DnG WKH Vur­rRunGinJ mhiladel­phia ar­eas.

New as­so­ciate: LHDK HDrWnHr rHcHnWly MRinHG 3ruGHnWiDl FRx & 5RDcK, 5HDlWRrV 6SrinJ HRuVH HRPH 0DrNHWinJ CHnWHr DV D sales as­so­ciate. Bruce GlHnGin­ninJ, PDnDJHr RI WKH RI­ficH, PDGH the an­nounce­ment.

LicHnVHG VincH OMNMI Hart­ner was with wip oeal­ity and CRlGZHll BDnNHr Hearth­side be­fore MRin­inJ 3ruGHnWiDl FRx & 5RDcK.

She is a mem­ber of the ka­tional As­so­ci­a­tion of oeal­tors and 0RnWJRPHry CRunWy As­so­ci­a­tion of oeal­tors.

Hart­ner re­sides in FlRurWRZn DnG VHrYHV 0RnWJRPHry, BucNV, DHlDZDrH, CKHVter and mhiladel­phia coun­ties.

Sales leader: LRnJ & FRVWHr 5HDl EVWDWH, fnc.I an­nounced that iWV DHYRn RI­ficH ZDV DJDin WKH VDlHV lHDGHr in the mhiladel­phia rHJiRn Gur­inJ AuJuVW OMNO.

ganet Gor­den oubi­noI vice pres­i­dent DnG PDnDJHr RI WKH DHYRn RI­ficH, VDiG WKH RI­ficH rDnNHG 1R. 1 in sales vol­ume and was ko. O in sales units for the month in the 3KilDGHlSKiD rHJiRn, and was O4th over­all in the en­tire com­pany in units sold.

Sales vol­ume and units were up PR per­cent and P9 per­cent rHVSHcWiYHly Gur­inJ AuJuVW 2012 DV cRPSDrHG WR AuJuVW 2011. vear-to-date sales vol­ume and units were up over OMNN.




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