Wis­sahickon ex­plodes past rp­per aublin

The Ambler Gazette - - OPINION - By Tom Ker­rane

fn the sec­ond quar­ter Fri­day night, it seemed as if ev­ery time Wis­sahickon eigh touched the football, the qro­jans found the end zone.

qhe team was scor­ing touch­downs in rapid suc­ces­sion, four in the quar­ter, to be pre­cise. qhey needed just 10 offensive plays and one spe­cial teams play to do so.

fn the sec­ond half, the de­fense also got in on the scor­ing. Wis­sahickon trav­eled to ri­val rp­per aublin and de­feated the Car­di­nals, 41-21.

With less than two min­utes gone in the game, the qro­jans con­nected on a S3­yard scor­ing strike from 5DnGy )UDnkHn­fiHOG WR GRU­don Bent­ley to quickly light up the score­board. Bent­ley pro­duced on all sides of the ball Fri­day. ee would later re­turn a punt 73 yards for a touch­down, and in the third quar­ter, it was Bent­ley’s strip of the ball and short turnover re­turn, fol­lowed by his lat­eral to team­mate hhalil Byrd, which re­sulted in a de­fen­sive touch­down for Wis­sahickon.

“We have a lot of threats on this team,” Bent­ley said, “and when you have that, any­one is ca­pa­ble of mak­ing a big play.

“f stripped the ball Eon the qro­jans’ de­fen­sive scoreF. My big line­men were helpLnJ PH GRwn WKH fiHOG DnG

I saw Khalil Byrd wide open right next to me. I just pitched the ball to him. He did the rest.”

Byrd went the re­main­ing 62 yards into the end zone, at the time giv­ing the Tro­jans (P-1 over­all, 1-0 Subur­ban One Amer­i­can Con­fer­ence) a 41-14 lead.

It was a 7-6 game af­ter the firsW TuDrWHr. BHnWOHy’s ORnJ re­cep­tion was an­swered late in WKH TuDrWHr wKHn 8SSHr DubOin’s 0iNH LHH wHnW in from a yard.

,n WKH sHcRnG TuDrWHr, how­ever, it was all Wis­sDKicNRn. )rDnNHn­fiHOG KiW Jared Reed, who jumped up and pulled down a pass for a 2V-yard touch­down. Dave 6WHOODWR WRRN D GirHcW snDS out of the wild­cat for­ma­tion and went P2 yards for a 20-6 lead. Af­ter a three­and-out on de­fense, Bent­ley had his long punt re­turn across the goal line be­fore DDn 0urSKy DGGHG D six­yard TD with 2:27 left beIRrH WKH KDOI. -usW OiNH WKDW, it was P4-6.

“YRu’rH Wry­inJ WR cDWcK WKH de­fense off-guard, do some­thing dif­fer­ent,” Stel­lato said of the wild­cat, the ju­nior some­what of a se­cret weapRn )riGDy Ds KH KDG Pis­sHG WKH firsW WKrHH wHHNs RI WKH sea­son with mononu­cle­o­sis. “They had never seen me Rn fiOP DW DOO sincH , KDG nRW played yet – well, I played in one scrim­mage. They had not seen that wild­cat play from us.”

8SSHr DubOin wDs cDuJKW off-guard on that play. But it was cer­tainly not as if the Cards were so out­matched to be down P4-6 at the in­ter­mis­sion.

“It was the house of cards IDOOinJ GRwn WKHn,” 8SSHr Dublin coach Bret Stover sDiG RI WKH sHcRnG TuDrWHr. “We did it to Tru­man, so we were on the other side of it be­fore.

“There was no way to stop iW. BuW wH NHSW cRPSRunGinJ iW by Rur PisWDNHs.”

8SSHr DubOin (2-2 RvHrall, 0-1 league) was of­ten a vicWiP RI SRRr fiHOG SRsiWiRn )riGDy, Rn RIIHnsH DnG IRr iWs GHIHnsH. BHIRrH 0urSKy scored his TD late in the sec­ond, an­other lengthy punt re­turn had given the Tro­jans WKH bDOO DW WKH CDrGs’ 14. 7KDW scRrH WRRN jusW WwR SODys.

“We made a point to fo­cus on our of­fense, our de­fense and our spe­cial teams, and we scored on all of three of WKHP,” :is­sDKicNRn cRDcK Jeff Cappa said. “We made PisWDNHs ()riGDy). :H DOsR KDG D ORW RI SODyHrs PDNH some plays.”

8SSHr DubOin WRRN WKH RSHn­inJ NicNRII RI WKH sH­cond half and put to­gether a 14-play drive – just three plays fewer than Wis­saKicNRn’s RIIHnsH KDG run WKH wKROH firsW KDOI – bHIRrH .KDOiG :HHPs WRRN iW in WKH finDO yDrG.

Then came the strangest cou­ple of plays of the night, how­ever, as the Tro­jans fum­bled the ball away on their own P5. 8SSHr DubOin WRRN RvHr, ran one play, gained 15 yards up the mid­dle and IuPbOHG iW riJKW bDcN Ds BHnWOHy WRRN WKH sWriS DW the 20. The play ended 80 yards in the other di­rec­tion with a com­pletely dif­fer­ent player in pos­ses­sion of the ball.

7KH CDrGinDOs’ IDiWKIuO JRW RnH ODsW WKriOO Ds LHH WRRN the ball V0 yards for a TD at WKH 1:34 PDrN WR cDS RII WKH scor­ing. That play, how­ever, was lost among the many big SODys :is­sDKicNRn SrRGucHG on the night.

For Mont­gomery Me­dia / CHRIS­TINE RECKNER

Wis­sahickon’s Greg McDonough evades a tackle by Up­per Dublin’s Tyler Forwalt dur­ing Fri­day’s Subur­ban One Amer­i­can Con­fer­ence ac­tion.

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