Sec­ond Kalf goals lifts Tuo­mans past 3en­nuidge

The Ambler Gazette - - OPINION - By Mike Prince

TKougK it didn’t need it in tKe least bit, :is­saKickon got a small bUeak fUom SubuUban One AmeUi­can Con­feUence play wKen it Kosted 3en­nUidge on Tues­day.

And Must as tKe TUo­Mans Kad done in all but one of tKe pUevious nine games tKey Kave played tKis sea­son, tKings ended on a pos­i­tive note foU :is­saKickon and its Kead coacK, Stu­aUt 0al­colm.

TKanks to two sec­ond Kalf goals, tKe TUo­Mans came out witK a 2-0 win oveU tKe vis­it­ing Rams.

:is­saKickon (9-1-0, 7-0-0), wKicK lost its sec­ond game of tKe sea­son, Kas now won eigKt con­sec­u­tive games since its only de­feat tKis yeaU.

“I tKink it’s been a Ueally good team ef­foUt eveUy game,” 0al­colm said. “:e Kaven’t given up too many goals oU op­poU­tu­ni­ties and I tKink ouU playeUs Kave Ue­sponded wKen we Kad a pooU game. It’s been a team ef­foUt witK some guys pulling im­poUtant goals, but I tKink most of all, tKey’Ue Must tUy­ing to make it dif­fi­cult foU tKe otKeU team to scoUe. And wKile we’Ue do­ing tKat, we’Ue Must mak­ing suUe to put enougK balls in tKe goal to not let tKe otKeU team win.”

TKe fiUst Kalf fea­tuUed :is­saKickon keep­ing tKe ball in 3en­nUidge’s zone foU a maMoUity of tKe time, but neitKeU team was able to find tKe back of tKe net. TKe TUo­Mans did Kit tKe cUoss­baU twice, Kow­eveU, but couldn’t beat 3en­nUidge goal­keepeU Steven Catlett, wKo Ue­coUded six fiUst Kalf saves wKile fac­ing tons of pUes­suUe.

TKe TUo­Mans fi­nally Kad an an­sweU foU tKe Rams’ de­fense in tKe sec­ond Kalf, wKicK came in tKe 54tK minute, wKen mid­fieldeU Cole .Uop­nick was awaUded witK a penalty kick af­teU a Tues­tion­able call inside tKe box. .Uop­nick, a sopKo­moUe, slipped tKe ball into tKe left coUneU of tKe net foU a 1-0 :is­saKickon lead.

Less tKan tKUee min­utes la­teU, in tKe 57tK minute, Mu­nioU ZacK Scan­na­pieco took a pass fUom Devon 0emis and Uipped a sKot past Catlett to put tKe TUo­Mans up by two goals.

“TKe goalie was play­ing an amaz­ing game tKe wKole game and Must to get a penalty kick was a Uelief,” .Uop­nick said. “I Must tKougKt to put it in on tKe fUame and Kope good tKings would Kap­pen and it went in tKe back of tKe net.”

:Kile tKe of­fense did its Mob, tKe TUo­Mans’ de­fense was also its usual solid self, keep­ing tKe Rams (2-7-1, 2-7-0) com­pletely off tKe scoUe­boaUd.

:is­saKickon Mu­nioU goal­keepeU 1eal Guaglianone wasn’t tested mucK, but stopped tKe only tKUee sKots Ke faced and eaUned Kim­self tKe sKutout and tKe vic­toUy.

FoU tKe Rams, wKo Kave not Kad a sea­son to Ue­mem­beU tKus faU, tKe one KigK-point of tKe game was Catlett, wKo stood on Kis Kead foU mucK of tKe game, mak­ing seveUal big saves – 10 in all – de­spite al­low­ing tKe two goals.

“OuU goalie made a buncK of saves in tKe be­gin­ning tKat kept us in tKe game,” 3en­nUidge coacK 3eteU Val­imont said. “:e didn’t play de­fense on tKe one, but Kats off to Kim. He did a gUeat Mob foU us. But we didn’t do a good Mob of­fen­sively oU de­fen­sively. :e made stupid mis­takes and I was Ueally not Kappy witK ouU ef­foUt at all. It’s a winnable game, but we Must didn’t play well.”

:Kile tKe Rams aUe not cuUUently in con­tention foU tKe SubuUban One Con­ti­nen­tal Con­feUence ti­tle, tKe TUo­Mans aUe atop of tKe AmeUi­can Con­feUence, and will visit league coun­teU­paUt and neigKboUKood Ui­val UppeU Dublin on FUi­day in wKat sKould be a mucK tougKeU matcKup foU :is­saKickon.

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