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a coUneU,” said Gam­bone. “0ia DiBella bUougKt it in to Amanda 0cA­teeU. Amanda passed to Danielle and sKe sKot it in. I Uan to it and got tKe toucK off aUound tKe goalie.

“On my sec­ond goal, tKe ball was all oveU tKe place in tKe ciU­cle. I got it, moved aUound tKe goalie and sKot it in. OuU speed in tKe ciU­cle was caus­ing tUou­ble foU tKeiU goalie. And, we Kad peo­ple on tKe pads so it was KaUd foU KeU to move.”

Da­sia AUauMo also played a maMoU Uole in tKe Vik­ings’ offensive out­buUst. TKe of­fense-minded Mu­nioU also ac­counted foU two of UppeU 0eUion’s goals 0on­day.

HeU fiUst goal was a key scoUing play.

Lind­say Zamites scoUed at tKe 17:11 maUk of tKe fiUst Kalf and tKe Vikes caUUied tKe 2-0 lead into in­teUmis­sion. TKen, UppeU Dublin’s -en HaUcKut cut tKe Kost sTuad’s lead in Kalf wKen sKe scoUed Must 46 sec­onds into tKe sec­ond Kalf.

TKe next goal would eitKeU give tKe Vik­ings a bit of bUeatKing Uoom oU it would pUopel tKe CaU­d­i­nals into a tie and pos­ses­sion of tKe game’s mo­men­tum. TKe Vikes got tKe cUu­cial goal wKen AUauMo scoUed witK 17:51 left in tKe game.

“:e knew tKat it was im­poUtant to scoUe tKe next goal,” said AUauMo. “.ait­lyn Lutz Kit tKe ball towaUd goal. I Must stayed low and went foU it. I toucKed it and it went UigKt past tKeiU goalie.”

TKUee min­utes la­teU, AUauMo scoUed off an as­sist fUom 0cA­teeU.

“Amanda Kad tKe ball and sKe Kit it in to me,” said AUauMo. “It was Must like my fiUst goal. I Must stayed low and got tKe tap.”

“:Ken tKey got tKat goal eaUly in tKe sec­ond Kalf, we needed a goal,” Gam­bone said. “:e an­sweUed witK two. I’m a se­nioU and tKis is tKe fiUst time in fouU yeaUs tKat we beat UppeU Dublin. It was amaz­ing.”

It may Kave been amaz­ing but it was also well-de­seUved. TKe Vik­ings played smaUt, ag­gUes­sive Kockey. TKey Kus­tled. TKey cUeated scoUing op­poU­tu­ni­ties — and cap­i­tal­ized. And, tKey tuUned in a veUy stUong de­fen­sive ef­foUt.

TKe CaU­d­i­nals, wKo Kad 13 se­nioUs (in­clud­ing eigKt staUteUs) gUad­u­ate last yeaU, Kave been stUug­gling tKUougK a Ue­build­ing sea­son.

“It’s been fUustUat­ing,” said UppeU Dublin coacK HeatKeU BoyeU. “TKe sec­ond Kalf of tKe league sea­son staUts FUi­day. :e’Ue Must go­ing to Kave to tuUn oveU a new leaf and come back stUong.”

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