Mon­archs slip past iower More­land

The Ambler Gazette - - LETTERS - By Mike Prince

Af­ter the game, dur­ing his post-game speech, Gwynedd Mercy Academy coach Gary LDPsEDFN PDGH LW D SoLnW Wo OHW KLs sHnLoU FDSWDLn, TDyOoU Ca­paro, know that she was the player of the game. And it was for good rea­son.

Ca­paro, a Catholic AcadHPLHs LHDJuH fiUsW WHDP All-ieague player, as well as a com­mit to North­east­ern UnLYHUsLWy, SODyHG Dn ouWsWDnGLnJ JDPH on EoWK sLGHs oI WKH fiHOG DnG HYHnWuDOOy KDG Dn LnFUHGLEOH sHW uS DnG as­sist on what turned out to EH WKH JDPH-wLn­nLnJ JoDO for the iady Mon­archs.

Ca­paro’s as­sist to sopho­more hate­lyn Gillinger late in the sec­ond half was HnouJK Wo JLYH G0A WKH YLF- WoUy oYHU LowHU 0oUHODnG, wLn­nLnJ 4-2 Ln D DLsWULFW 2nH CODss AA fiUsW UounG play­off at Gwynedd Mercy Academy on Wed­nes­day af­ter­noon.

One sea­son af­ter los­ing Wo ULYDO VLOOD -os­HSK 0DULH 2-1 Ln oYHUWLPH Ln WKH GLsWULFW finDO, CDSDUo DnG WKH LDGy 0onDUFKs (12-6-1) DUH fiJKWLnJ Wo JHW EDFN Wo WKH finDO DnG HDUn WKHPsHOYHs WKH all-im­por­tant dis­trict ti­tle, as well as a trip to states.

“,W wouOG EH UHDOOy LPSoU­tant to win dis­tricts,” Ca­paro sDLG. “2EYLousOy, ODsW yHDU’s Ooss Wo VLOOD -o wDs GHYDsWDWLnJ. ,W wDs Ln oYHUWLPH DnG DJDLnsW onH oI ouU ELJJHsW ULYDOs DnG wH KHOG WKHP WKH whole game and still lost, so to play like we did to­day re­ally makes me want to keep play­ing this year and hope­fully go to states.”

Af­ter GMA and iower More­land went to the half HYHn DW 2-2, LW WooN MusW oYHU 25 PLnuWHs IoU HLWKHU WHDP Wo JHW EDFN on WKH sFoUHEoDUG. But when the iady Mon­archs, the No. 2 seed in the GLsWULFW, wHUH DEOH Wo finG WKH EDFN oI WKH nHW, WKHy GLG so in style.

AIWHU WDNLnJ WKH EDOO DOonJ the right side­line past mid­fiHOG, CDSDUo EHDW noW onH GHIHnGHU DnG noW MusW Wwo GHIHnGHUs, EuW sSOLW WKUHH GHIHnGHUs EHIoUH PDNLnJ LW Wo the cor­ner and then send­ing Dn DE­soOuWHOy SHUIHFW FUoss Wo WKH Eox, wKHUH GLOOLnJHU wDs DEOH Wo HDsLOy sFoUH WKH HYHn­tual game-win­ning goal.

“TKH EDOO FDPH Wo PH IUoP WKH oWKHU WHDP DnG , MusW stepped up and wanted it,” Ca­paro said. “f usu­ally play on the out­side, so f saw f had WKH oSHn fiHOG DnG , WooN LW Gown Wo WKH FoUnHU DnG MusW crossed it. hate did what we do in prac­tice and ran right IoU WKH EDOO DnG SuW LW Ln WKH net.”

TKouJK CDSDUo GLGn’W UH­cord one of her team’s four goals in the high-scor­ing af- IDLU, KHU SODy on EoWK sLGHs oI WKH fiHOG wDs noWLFHG Ey Dny­one who was watch­ing.

“TDyOoU Ls onH oI WKH EHsW play­ers on the team and in the league and she showed LW WoGDy,” LDPsEDFN sDLG. “She’s an All-ieague player, D DLYLsLon 1 SODyHU DnG sKH MusW WooN WKDW EDOO IUoP WKH EDFN, WooN FKDUJH oI WKH game, made that pass and that play changed the whole tempo of the game. She’s MusW Dn DwH­soPH SODyHU.”

TKH sHFonG KDOI wDs DOO Ca­paro and the iady MonDUFKs, EuW WKH fiUsW KDOI wHnW EoWK wDys.

Af­ter GMA took a 2-0 lead, WKDnNs Wo JoDOs IUoP MunLoU cap­tain Meredith D’An­gelo and sopho­more cap­tain Emily SuOOLYDn, WKH LDGy 0onDUFKs OHG 2-0 DW WKH 11:08 PDUN oI WKH fiUsW KDOI. AnG wKLOH LW DS­peared that GMA would take that two-goal lead into the half, the iady iions turned the en­tire game around with two shots.

,n WKH JDPH’s 36WK PLnuWH, sopho­more Ce­lena Costa took a pass from star fresh­man Brid­gette Alexan­der DnG EHDW G0A JoDONHHSHU CouUWnHy SuOOLYDn Wo FuW WKH LDGy LLons’ GH­fiFLW Wo 2-1. AnG wLWK MusW 56 sHFonGs UH­main­ing in the half, Alexan­der took a pass from sopho­more hris­ten Wolf­gang and wDs DEOH Wo WLH WKH JDPH DW 2-2.

TKDW sFoUH UHPDLnHG unWLO CDSDUo’s suSHUE SODy sHW uS the Gillinger goal.

“vou can prac­tice for WKHsH JDPHs, EuW DOO yHDU, wH KDGn’W EHHn Ln WKDW NLnG of sit­u­a­tion,” iower MoreODnG FoDFK -oKn 2EHUKoOWzHU sDLG. “WH KDYHn’W SODyHG any games at all this sea­son wKHn wH wHUH EHKLnG, so Wo FoPH EDFN IUoP Gown 2-0 Wo tie it was fan­tas­tic. We then KDG soPH FKDnFHs ODWH, EuW we didn’t com­plete them. f thought, at times, we had JUHDW oSSoUWunLWLHs. TKDW’s WKH EoWWoP OLnH.”

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