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We are very thankful that one our neighbors are recovering wonderfull­y. They live close by and often see their bright and shining faces. A new puppy addition to their family has I’m sure brought great love to them all.

If you are into spoiling your puppies, I’m enclosing a great puppy snack for the little pups as well as the older furr babies. You will need 2 cups oatmeal (or a substitute grain) 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1/2 cup soft fruit or vegetables (cooked apple, carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin or a banana). Preheat oven to 250°

If using oatmeal, place it in a food processor and blend until most of the oats are ground. I left some oats whole, but you can process it as much as you want. The cookies are easier to cut if most of the oats are processed.

If using another grain, combine the grain, peanut butter, and fruit or vegetable in a food processor and process until the dough comes together. Roll dough 1/4” thick, using flour if the dough is sticky. Cut out using a cookie cutter or cut into squares.

Place cookies on cookie sheets and bake at 250° for 2 hours until the dog treats are completely dry and crispy.

Once dog treats are fully dehydrated, they can be stored at room temperatur­e. Mine sit out at room temperatur­e for at least a month without getting moldy, but you do need to make sure to fully dehydrate them.

While visiting with neighbors recently they told us a fascinatin­g story about two young boys from Oklahoma. The Abernathy Kids lived with their father US Marshall Jack Abernathy in the town of Frederick, Oklahoma. The boys took their first journey in 1909 where Louis “Bud” aged nine and Temple five, encountere­d various Old West obstacles, including wolves and wild rivers, when they rode horseback more than 1,000 miles from Oklahoma to Santa Fe and back – ALONE!

The next year the brothers focused on New York City, which they reached after a month of hard riding. Orville Wright offered a ride in his airplane and President Taft gave them a warm welcome to the White House during the ride. The boys were widely followed by newspapers worldwide. Bud and Temple rode their Oklahoma ponies alongside Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders in a victory parade with a million cheering New Yorkers.

For the trip home, the boys “bought” a Brush automobile, then drove it home to Oklahoma. There was no record of how they had money to buy a car. My thought are these young boys worked 170-267.5

NT 1000-1350 75-92 40-74 101-112 NT NT odd jobs along the way to earn money enough for food and the smallest of housing that was available. The history of the Brush Automobile goes like this: The company was founded by Alanson Partridge Brush (February 10, 1878, Michigan – March 6, 1952, Michigan). He was a selftaught prolific designer, working with Henry Leland at Oldsmobile, and went on to help design the original one-cylinder Cadillac engine.[1] Although there were many makes of small runabouts of similar size and one to four cylinders at this time (before the Model T Ford dominated the lowprice market), the Brush has many unusual design details showing the inventiven­ess of its creator. The Brush Runabout Company, along with Maxwell-Briscoe, Stoddard-Dayton, and others formed Benjamin Briscoe’s United States Motor Company(USMC) 140-229 130-202 168-214 150-182 152-187 from 1910, ending when that company failed in 1913. Runabouts, in general, fell out of vogue quickly, partly due to the lack of protection from the weather. Even at six and ten years old, Temple and Bud Abernathy were a national sensation. In the summer of 1911, they did their greatest ride. They rode nearly 4,000 miles, from New York to San Francisco, in sixty-two days. The Abernathy Boys made that historic ride without any adult assistance accomplish­ing an equestrian feat never equaled.

In 1913 the two rode from Oklahoma to New York City at the ages of nine and thirteen on the Indian Motorcycle. Through vibrant crisp colors, the artist Mike Wimmer captures the parade honoring the Abernathy Boy’s in New York City with their good friend President Teddy Roosevelt.

I can’t even imagine what these two boys ate along the way. My first thought was cowboy coffee and beef jerky that had brought with them and occasional­ly they would run into kindhearte­d people who would let them sleep in their barns and even possibly let them eat dinner with them or breakfast. So the next time your kids plop down at the breakfast table demanding pop tarts or a bowl of frosted flakes told them this story about these two courageous young boys out on their own.

Please keep your loved ones in your prayers always. Time is just a fleeting thing. Thanks to everyone that has been helping keep the land around the community building nice and clean. Also, the Finley Community normally has a lunch on each Friday at noon. Days Finley are not open or only doing take outs will be posted on their Facebook page. Drive safe and watch out for unsuspecte­d visitors that might just want to be a new hood ornament for your vehicle. Anyone wanting to add to the article please turn them in before Friday at 5 p.m. Additions can be emailed to me at: freylake12­3@ or call me at 580-208-0870, Have a blessed week.

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