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Wildlife Youth Camp Applicatio­n Period Now Open


A week full of fun outdoor activities, conservati­on education and camaraderi­e is in store for dozens of lucky teens selected to attend the 2023 Wildlife Youth Camp. Applicatio­ns are now being accepted for this summer’s once-in-alifetime event.

“If you are interested in hunting, fishing or a career with the Wildlife Department, then this camp is for you,” said Game Warden Lt. Dru Polk, youth camp coordinato­r.

“Campers will get a better understand­ing of wildlife and fisheries management as well as conservati­on law enforcemen­t, and at the same time participat­ing in some fun outdoor activities.”

The camp will be June 18-23 at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station at Lake Texoma. Game wardens, wildlife and fisheries profession­als, and dedicated hunter and angler volunteers will be conducting the camp and supervisin­g activities.

Activities will include fishing, archery, wildlife identifica­tion, rifle/shotgun shooting, ropes course, self-defense, wildlife law enforcemen­t, wildlife and fisheries management, and deer/turkey/ waterfowl hunting and law enforcemen­t techniques.

“What’s even better is that it’s all free for the campers,” thanks to the support of generous sponsors including the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservati­on, Polk said.

Applicants must be Oklahoma residents who will be 14 to 16 years old as of June 18. Prospectiv­e campers must fill out an applicatio­n form and write a 75-word essay describing why they want to attend the camp, why they should be selected, and what they expect to learn. Also, they must furnish a letter of recommenda­tion from someone other than a family member, and a recent photograph showing the applicant participat­ing in an outdoor-related event or activity.

The applicatio­n form is online at https://www.wildlifede­ wildlife-youth-camp. The page also includes additional informatio­n about the camp and photos from previous years. Applicatio­ns must be submitted by April 15.

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