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Valentine’s Day gift ideas for guys


A holiday devoted to love and affection is nestled in the middle of the chilly days of February. Valentine’s Day is a big day for retailers, and many advertisin­g campaigns focus on gifting women everything from jewelry to chocolate to stuffed animals. That focus may not be unwarrante­d, but men also deserve tokens of love and appreciati­on on Valentine’s Day.

With February 14 right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about shopping for items that show you care. Consider this list of carefully curated gifts that can provide inspiratio­n for gifting the special man in your life.

• Gaming gear: The appeal of video games is hard to ignore. A new report from the gaming industry researcher­s at DFC Intelligen­ce indicates that billions of people across the globe people play video games. The next gaming generation is approachin­g with the PS5 and Xbox Series

• Gift ideas can include consoles and peripheral­s like headsets, gaming chairs and laptop keyboards, among others.

• At-home luxury: Some men steer clear of massage therapy clinics or spas. That doesnÕt mean they should forgo the benefits of a deep massage. With a portable back and neck shiatsu massager, he can enjoy a massage while watching the game or streaming movies or television shows.

• Treat bouquet: Floral bouquets may be unusual gifts for men, but a bouquet of another sort certainly may be a winning Valentine’s Day gift. More and more companies are getting creative with food bouquets. From cupcake bouquets that require a double-take to ensure they’re edible to exotic jerky bouquets, there are items to tempt every palate.

• Cordless earbuds or headphones: Fitness enthusiast­s, movie lovers or music fans know that the freedom to move around can be impeded by cords on headphones and earbuds. A new pair of Bluetoothe­nabled wireless headphones can be just the thing to make men smile this Valentine’s Day.

• Coffee mill: Many people are sticking closer to home these days. That may mean skipping a favorite coffee shop and barista on the way to work, and brewing a cup of Joe before heading to the home office. According to Sam Spillman of Dillanos Coffee Roasters near Seattle, the 2019 Barista winner of the U.S. Coffee Championsh­ips, coffee loses flavor minutes after it is ground. Buying whole beans and grinding fresh before every brew ensures a more flavorful cup. Gifting a coffee grinder, particular­ly a burr grinder, can help improve the taste of that morning brew.

These are just some of the many gift ideas to make men smile this Valentine’s Day.

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