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The Most Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts


Valentine’s Day sparks one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Though it might not inspire the masses quite like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day compels millions of people to find gifts for that special someone in their lives each February. In fact, the National Retail Federation’s Annual 2022 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey found that the average person expected to devote $175 to Valentine’s Day spending in 2022.

Any heartfelt gift can light up a sweetheart’s smile on Valentine’s Day, but certain items tend to be more popular than others on February 14. Though Valentine’s Day shoppers can always go their own way when shopping for their sweetheart­s, some of the more traditiona­l gifts remain wildly popular. In its survey, the NRF found that these go-to gifts maintained their status as the most popular items for individual­s to show their love for that special someone in 2022:

Candy: Fifty-six percent of survey respondent­s indicated they planned to buy candy for their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Though any candy can suffice, chocolates inside a heartshape­d box tend to be especially popular in mid-February.

Greeting cards: Greeting cards will likely never go out of style, as 40 percent of respondent­s indicated they would give a card in 2022.

Flowers: The appeal of a bouquet is undeniable, prompting 37 percent of shoppers to give flowers on Valentine’s Day.

A night out: A romantic night out is perhaps as meaningful as ever in a world still emerging from the pandemic. So it’s no surprise that 31 percent of respondent­s indicated they planned to take their sweetheart­s out for a night on the town in 2022.

Jewelry: Though it might rank below the others on this list, jewelry remains a go-to gift on Valentine’s Day. And with total Valentine’s Day spending on jewelry estimated at more than $6 billion in 2022, this could be where most Valentine’s Day dollars go this February.

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