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‘Baseline Killer’ case timeline


Mark Goudeau, 47, faces 72 felony counts, including first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, sexual abuse, aggravated assault, kidnapping, child molestatio­n, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery. There were 33 victims from 13 attacks. Following is a timeline of the incidents he’s accused of: » Aug. 6, 2005 — A 12-year-old and two teens are held at gunpoint at 48th Street and Baseline Road. Two of the girls are sexually assaulted. » Sept. 9, 2005 — Georgia Thompson, 19, is shot to death outside her Tempe apartment complex. » Sept. 20, 2005 — Two sisters are sexually assaulted near a park on 31st Avenue near Baseline Road in south Phoenix. Goudeau was convicted in the attack and sentenced to 438 years in prison. Both sisters testified in the current trial to show the similariti­es to other attacks. » Sept. 28, 2005 — A mother and her adolescent daughter are abducted in their car outside a Mexican restaurant on Central Avenue near Baseline, driven to a secluded area nearby and sexually assaulted. » Nov. 3, 2005 — A man robs a lingerie boutique near 32nd Street and Indian School Road at gunpoint and then abducts a woman in her car from a parking lot across the street and sexually assaults her. » Nov. 7, 2005 — Two fast-food restaurant­s and a woman outside a check-cashing store at 32nd Street and Thomas Road are robbed. » Dec. 12, 2005 — Tina Washington, 39, is taken from a bus stop at 40th Street and Southern Avenue, dragged behind some stores and shot to death. » Feb. 20, 2006 — Romelia Vargas, 38, and Mirna Palma Roman, 24, are shot and killed in a lunch wagon they ran at a constructi­on site near 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. » March 14, 2006 — Chao "George" Chou, 23, offers a ride home to coworker Liliana Sanchez Cabrera, 20, after her first shift at a restaurant at 24th Street and Indian School Road. They are abducted in the parking lot. Chou’s body is found in an alley near 32nd Street and Indian School, and Sanchez Cabrera is found dead in the car a few blocks west of 24th Street. » April 4, 2006 — The body of Kristina Nicole Gibbons, 26, is found stuffed between a house and a storage unit on 24th Street south of Thomas Road. Police believe she had been killed March 29. » April 10, 2006 — Sophia Nunez, 37, is found shot to death in her bathtub by her 8-year-old son. Nunez apparently knew Goudeau, and the DNA found on her body links Goudeau to the bullets that killed all of the victims, authoritie­s say. » May 1, 2006 — A woman is abducted at gunpoint at 32nd Street and Thomas Road and forced to drive to a secluded location, where she is forced to undress and is sexually assaulted. When she refuses to cooperate, the assailant pulls the trigger, but his gun misfires, saving her life. She gets out of the car and runs to a nearby house. » June 29, 2006 — Carmen Miranda, 37, is abducted from a car wash at 29th Street and Thomas Road, just blocks from where Goudeau lives. The abduction is captured on surveillan­ce tape, showing a man in a Gilligan-style hat and a dreadlock wig shoving Miranda into her car and driving off. Though police arrive in minutes, Miranda is found dead in her car just a hundred yards away. » Sept. 6, 2006 — Goudeau is arrested at his home in central Phoenix. It is his 42nd birthday.

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