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Frontier Town

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squatter comes from a tragic accident that Peagler remembers from his childhood. It involves the replica gallows on site.

“This is why we do not have a noose up there anymore,” Peagler says.

“This really happened. It was about 1974, ’75. This man from Belgium and his wife were here. He had one of those old-style movie cameras, and he told his wife to go up there, and the noose was just low enough. She got up on her tippy toes, and even though it was a small noose, she managed to get her head through it somehow. But you can only stay up on your tippy toes for so long unless you’re a ballerina, and she lost her balance, and she started panicking and flaying around. Reports were that the husband was laughing and said, ‘Good job acting, good job acting.’ ”

We could not confirm Peagler’s account — the incident does not seem to have been reported in local newspapers — but he was an eyewitness, at least to Two actresses dressed to impress at Frontier Town.

the aftermath, having run from the office in time to see the volunteer ambulance arrive.

It’s certainly a story worthy of the Wild West.

“The idea of choral music becoming something outside the liturgy and outside the church, but a stand-alone instrument, it happened really fast.”


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