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OK, do-gooders, it’s time to offer your home to immigrants


Could someone explain to me how the thousands of people marching to our border and demanding to be let in are “immigrants”?

That is like calling the perpetrato­rs of a home invasion house guests.

Maybe those preaching that it is our moral obligation to allow them in should be required to take in to their homes several families.

Perhaps they might change their perception of immigrant vs. invaders.

Gary Yohe, Phoenix

Forget about the Russians, the California­ns are coming!

Everyone was and still is upset about Russia’s alleged interferen­ce with our national elections.

Where is the outrage over interferen­ce right here in Arizona?

Why is San Francisco activist Tom Steyer allowed to spend millions to influence our elections. Mind your own business and keep your money out of Arizona’s election.

The money APS spends to counter could be better used right here!

Bill Higgins, Scottsdale

Some voters inflict wounds upon themselves with their ballots

Social Security and Medicare were entered into as social contracts with America. As a young teen, I recall the fear-mongering about Medicare leading to socialized medicine and medicine’s collapse.

These are now beloved programs. And yet the Trump Tax cuts and the resultant increase in the national debt — an expected consequenc­e — led to calls by Sen. Mitch McConnell to cut entitlemen­ts.

It is dishearten­ing to see there is no outcry to protest this — at the least by not voting for those who would make it happen. I am amazed that some voters act to their own detriment. Michael Brennan, Apache Junction

Jimmy Carter is more than qualified to judge the judge

Regarding the letter “Jimmy Carter not fit to judge Kavanaugh”:

A true Christian, married for many years, with not even a hint of scandal.

A president who wasn’t afraid to tell the citizens of our country the truth instead of calling people names, trying to disgrace them in public and just plain lying.

A president who understood there was a diplomatic way to solve almost all difference­s.

A president who never mocked another human being.

A president who didn’t sell our country and his soul to “our good friends the Saudis.”

A president who didn’t make a deal with our enemies to arm them to get our citizens released.

A president who never started a war with the wrong country.

A president who put the citizens of our country first, above politics and foreign policy.

A president who served and defended his country in the armed services.

A president who received the Nobel Peace Prize.

I would say President Carter, has every right to question the ability of Kavanaugh to serve our country. Much more than the coward who nominated Kavanaugh.

Fred Glenn, Mesa

Who are all those scary people appearing on my TV screen?

According to all the political ads I have seen on TV, there is not one single decent person running for office. In fact, it seems to me that some should be arrested.

William Daravanis, Mesa

Benson hits rock bottom with his equine depiction of Trump

Today’s Benson cartoon “Horse face” hits a new low in civility, even for him.

It was nice, however, for him to include a self-portrait. (And I know Benson is not female.)

Sheldon Crook, Prescott

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