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Delivery lockers are new must-have amenity

- Rent Smart Courtney Gilstrap LeVinus Guest Columnist The Arizona Multihousi­ng Associatio­n is the statewide trade associatio­n for the apartment industry, representi­ng more than 2,000 members in legislativ­e, legal and regulatory matters.

Over the years, technology has started to spread into all aspects of our lives, from advanced security systems to the way we communicat­e with one another to how we can remotely control our homes from our phones.

Technology in the apartment industry helps make everyone’s life easier whether it’s searching the web to find the right apartment community or using an app to find a roommate with similar interests. Technology makes everything easy and convenient.

The most recent piece of technology that is appearing in apartment communitie­s is 24/7 secure package delivery lockers. These lockers are designed to make it easy for you, the resident, to pick up packages. When a package is delivered, you will receive an email or text message with a six-digit code. Typing this code on the locker’s keypad unlocks the locker or lockers allowing you to collect your packages. There is no wait time and the lockers are always accessible.

Not only do these lockers allow you to pick up your packages, they also allow you to drop off anything you need to return or send. Similar to picking up a package, you are given a six-digit code that unlocks a locker where you can safely drop your package off. There is no longer a need to drive to the post office.

These lockers are beginning to become a desired resident amenity which is why some companies who make these delivery lockers are partnering with apartment communitie­s to install this new technology. While these lockers make it easy for residents to pick up and drop off packages, community managers may have some control over how long a package sits in a locker. As a resident, you may have a limited amount of days to collect your packages from the storage locker. If you are unsure how long you have to get your package from the delivery locker, you can always speak with your community manager. They can also let you know where to get your package if you do not collect it in the allotted time.

If you have ordered something large, there is a good chance it will not fit in a delivery locker. You can always ask your community manager where large packages are delivered. Do they come to your front door, or do you need to collect them from the leasing office? Does your leasing office let you know when you have a package? These are all great questions to ask your community manager.

If you are looking to move to an apartment home, you can always ask the leasing agent if they have or are planning to have a delivery locker. More apartment communitie­s are seeing a demand for this technology and are working to install these easy, safe and convenient delivery lockers.

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