The Amaz­ing Sex Se­cret of 78 Year-Old ‘Ital­ian Stal­lion’

Al­most any man can use it and per­form like a new­ly­wed!

The Arizona Republic - - Valley & State - Karen James is a noted jour­nal­ist who spe­cial­izes in re­la­tion­ships, ro­mance, and sex.

The In­side Story on a Great Sex life!

This week I got a let­ter from a reader about a “lit­tle se­cret” that has made her sex life with her hus­band ab­so­lutely ex­plo­sive! (Those Texas women are spicy!) Tina writes:

Dear Karen,

For years my hus­band and I had a great love life. He was sexy, pas­sion­ate and so con­fi­dent. But when he reached his 50s, he started to strug­gle with getting and keep­ing an erec­tion. The few times we did have sex, his erec­tion was def­i­nitely softer, leav­ing us both un­sat­is­fied. He tried ev­ery prod­uct out there; pre­scrip­tions, creams, testos­terone, male en­hance­ment pills… but noth­ing worked. I know this is ter­ri­ble, but I found my­self think­ing “My strong, pas­sion­ate hus­band has be­come a sex­ual weak­ling.” I had no idea it would all turn around in just 3 weeks!

Last month, he came home from a busi­ness trip in Europe and shocked me with more sex­ual en­ergy and pas­sion than he’s had in years. Hard as a rock, he tossed me around the bed­room like we were new­ly­weds and gave me a night I’ll never for­get! It was in­cred­i­ble and so ex­cit­ing!

He flat wore me out that night and it’s been like that ever since. His erec­tions are so hard and pow­er­ful, they trig­ger the most in­tense, toe-curl­ing ‘mo­ments’ I’ve ever had! So here we are, en­joy­ing the best sex of our lives… in our late-50’s!

On his trip he stayed in a ho­tel room next to an Ital­ian nu­tri­tion­ist and his wife. Through the walls, he heard them pas­sion­ately mak­ing love ev­ery sin­gle night, and some­times again in the morn­ing. One af­ter­noon, he saw the hus­band leave their room and he couldn’t be­lieve it. The man looked much too old to be hav­ing so much sex.

My hus­band couldn’t help him­self, so he asked the man his se­cret. The nu­tri­tion­ist smiled, in­tro­duced him­self as Vito, and told my hus­band he was 78 years old, his wife 65, and that af­ter 32 years of mar­riage, their sex life was as good as ever. Then he took a small pack of tablets from his satchel, gave it to my hus­band, and said “These come from a small town up north and are made from nat­u­rally pure ex­tracts, packed with densely rich sex­ual nu­tri­ents. They will give you back the sex-drive you had when you were young, and make you harder than you can imag­ine.” Then he laughed and said, “You’ll be­come an Ital­ian Stal­lion like me!”

Ital­ian Stal­lion is right! These past sev­eral weeks have been a dream. My hus­band's de­sire for me is through the roof. He takes me when­ever he wants, and he even wakes up most days with a ‘morn­ing salute’ like he did years ago. I love it! He’s a sex­ual pow­er­house, beam­ing with con­fi­dence, and our mar­riage is stronger than ever.

Karen, here’s why I’m writ­ing you. The pack of tablets is about to run out and we des­per­ately want more. I’ve looked ev­ery­where but can’t find them. Do you know any­thing about these tablets from Europe and how to get some here in the States?

Sin­cerely, Tina C., Fort Worth, TX

Tina, you and the rest of my read­ers are in luck be­cause I do know about these se­cret Euro­pean sex tablets. Ever won­der why older men from Italy, Greece, Spain, and all over Europe are fa­mous for stay­ing en­er­gized, pas­sion­ate and sex­u­ally ac­tive well into their golden years? Well, for decades, these men have re­lied on a unique blos­som ex­tract called Provarin to en­hance their sex­ual per­for­mance and sat­is­fac­tion.

Milled on the fer­tile north­ern plains, the key in­gre­di­ents come from pure ex­tracts found along the Sea. Finely ground and pressed into tablets, Provarin has a leg­endary rep­u­ta­tion through­out the Euro­pean sex­ual un­der­ground for fu­el­ing ex­tremely hard erec­tions, and a pow­er­ful cli­max. As Gio­vanni from Am­s­ter­dam put it, “It's like sex­ual rocket fuel, es­pe­cially for us older guys!”

The best part from a woman’s per­spec­tive, as you well know, is that the ex­treme hard­ness and on­go­ing power is enough to send us over the bliss­ful edge! I found out about Provarin a few years ago when I was dat­ing a cow­boy from Wy­oming. He took Provarin ev­ery morn­ing and be­lieve me, that good ol’ boy sure rocked my nights!

All-nat­u­ral and safe to take, Provarin is still a well-kept se­cret for those in the know and they like to keep it that way. It’s an old­school, fam­ily busi­ness and prod­uct is still har­vested by hand. They don't have a web­site and don’t do any ad­ver­tis­ing. They don't need to. Long­time cus­tomers and word of mouth en­sures their lim­ited stock is sold out ev­ery year.

They do have a dis­tributer here in the U.S. and you’ll be happy to know that Provarin is sur­pris­ingly in­ex­pen­sive. When I reached out for this ar­ti­cle, a spokesman said they were proud to pro­duce the high­est qual­ity prod­uct for men and cou­ples. He went on to say that if any of my read­ers call to­day and men­tion this ar­ti­cle, they’ll be of­fered a ONE-TIME 50% DIS­COUNT, FREE RUSH SHIP­PING, AND 30 BONUS TABLETS FREE!

Wow, so there you go, Tina – and the rest of you read­ers! This of­fer is only good while sup­plies last so just give them a call to­day and men­tion this ar­ti­cle. The num­ber is 1-800-518-7545. Aren’t you glad you asked?

“My hus­band shocked me with more sex­ual pas­sion than he’s had in years. He took me in the bed­room and gave me a night I’ll never for­get!”

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